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A completely new website for Tetcon's Evacuation & Transfer Equipment is currently under construction. Due to this development, you will hard see any changes on this website for the upcoming weeks. The plan is to launch the new website in September. The new website will have a completely new design and contains much more detailed product information. It will also contain all kinds of new features that will improve the user exerpience. Do you have any questions? Just let us know.

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8 tips for restarting demos and training with Evacuation & Transfer Equipment (COVID19)

The lockdown in many countries starts to ease and we’re slowly moving towards to a new kind of normal. While that’s also the case in The Netherlands, we’re also restarting demos with Tetcon’s Evacuation & Transfer Equipment. Doing training sessions are key to prepare organisations for a potential emergency evacuation. It also decreases the likelihood of leaving people behind when disaster strikes. During demos and training sessions, there’s always a moment of close contact between yourself and the people attending. And even though we are stimulating to enhance social distancing, there are times where this might be difficult to maintain.  The safety of you, your customers, the people [...]

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Able Amsterdam on Exitability: ‘That’s why inventions like the evacuation mattress are so important.’

Hey everyone, we had the opportunity to sit down with Josephine Rees from Able Amsterdam and talk about accessibility and exitability for people with reduced mobility. If you are an employer, health and safety expert, building owner, disability consultant or simply interested in the subject of accessibility, this is a must-read. Check out the interview below and learn more about what you can improve to create a more inclusive organisation for visitors and co-workers. Josephine, would you mind introducing yourself? "My name is Josephine, I am Dutch-British and 26 years old. I was born in Japan and raised in Tokyo and Moscow. In 2012 I moved back [...]

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Sales Kick Off Event at Ferno Norden in Trolhattan, Sweden

Tetcon recently participated in the Sales Kick Off Event at Ferno Norden. The event took place at Ferno Norden’s office in Trolhattan, Sweden.  During the event, we had the opportunity to display the range of evacuation equipment, demonstrating the products and invited the Ferno team to test the equipment out for themselves. This was a great way to allow a better understanding of how the evacuation mats and sheets support a swift and easy evacuation in an emergency.  You can check out the photos of the event below. We want to thank Ferno Norden for their hospitatility and for providing this opportunity. To find out more about Tetcon’s range of evacuation [...]

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The new video of 2020 is here: Leave No One Behind

Here it is. The new video of S-CAPEPLUS is live. You can use the evacuation mat to rescue people with reduced mobility during emergencies. Also via staircases. The evacuation aid is being used by many organisations, such as schools, companies, hotels, healthcare facilities & more. If you haven’t seen the video yet, please check it out below:

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Back pain is a serious health issue for paramedics

Lower back pain is a serious health issue for paramedics Paramedics have physically demanding jobs. They need to carry heavy equipment. They also need to stand, bend, lift, crouch and kneel, often for longer periods of time. Therefore, paramedics are at a high risk of developing lower back pain. This health condition is attributed to the physical demands of a paramedic’s work. Studies by De Gruyter and The Australasian Journal of Paramedicine (TAJOP) emphasize that back pain is a serious health issue for paramedics. Also fatigue during long shifts plays an important role. Being tired contributes to less attention to best practice in manual handling. Acute [...]

Evacuation Sheet S-CAPEPOD – Budget Model is coming: December 13th

A Budget Evacuation Sheet Every year, we receive multiple tender requests from governmental hospital across the globe. This type of requests usually concerns Evacuation Sheets (750+ units or more). We always need to compete with two other companies and thus their products. As you'll understand, we'd always put forward the S-CAPEPOD, the Swiss Army Knife of the Evacuation Sheets. And of course, a Swiss Army Knife comes with a price. While this Premium Product is very much liked by hospital managers, there were two frustrating moments in 2019. The hospital board and the health and safety managers preferred to go for our Swiss Army Knife. Nevertheless, they couldn’t make the [...]

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Introducing The Retmex Rescue Sheets

The Retmex Story Unfolded It all started with a Dutch firefighting service in the summer of 2018. They had faced serious problems with evacuating unconscious individuals during house fires, especially when these victims suffered from thermal burns. As a result of these thermal burns, the victim's skin would become extremely weak. The fire commander brought up the biggest issue with evacuating someone with thermal burns: 'When time is critical, you need to move quickly, so you grab the victim by the arms or legs and drag him / her to safety. The big problem is that you have no hold on a skin with thermal burns. [...]

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Three reasons why the Wall Cover storage bag is changed

Evacuation Mattress S-CAPEPLUS has a new storage bag. In January, 2016, we launched the first version of the Wall Cover storage bag. Throughout the years, the storage bag for the evacuation mattress became almost a standard item for most of the users. It is the ultimate way to store your evacuation device to walls. It is suitable for the Basic Model and the Premium Model. After three years, it was time to change things. In this post - we are highlighting three reasons why the Wall Cover is changed. 1. The recycle process of PVC is difficult In 2016 we decided to use PVC. It was rigid and easy to manufacture. [...]

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This evacuation video with an alternating pressure mattress is worth watching

No matter where you are based or what you are doing now, when you are working with healthcare clients, it is very likely that you come across 'anti-decubitus mattresses'. Also known as inflatable mattresses, active pressure relief mattresses or alternating pressure mattresses. This kind of mattress is capable of providing the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers. All in all, it's a great product. But we were getting more and more questions, like: 'How do you rescue a person, laying on this kind of mattress, in a emergency situation?'  When you come across these mattresses on the Intensive Care units or for long-term care, you are now able to help these patients escape during an [...]

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“We need more trees – Place an Order*, Plant a Tree”

At Tetcon, creating and helping is at the heart of everything we do. We started Tetcon to help your organisation with the power of smart and technical textile solutions, which we believe should also consider how we interact with the world around us. In the process of becoming a better powerhouse in textiles and as creators of hi-tex evacuation equipment, we became more concerned about the importance of leaving the earth better than we found it. You’ve shown your support ever since, now the ‘Place an Order, Plant a Tree’ endeavour is our way of giving back in appreciation. It’s our way of helping you, your customers as well as the environment. Your purchases [...]

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“We have no clue how to evacuate a person from a building in flames, but then we met you….. “

Today it is Monday. Before we are going to end a fantastic year, there’s another exciting thing that we need to tell you. Please note that this information was only available to resellers yet and now also for you while reading this. “We have no clue how to evacuate a person from a building in flames, but then we met you….. “ It was Summer 2018 when I received a phone call. It was a fire fighting service from the Brabant region. He told me that his team had faced several issues with evacuating unconscious individuals from a building in flames. They could not find a proper solution for this. There [...]

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