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Here you can find all accessories that you can use to elevate your evacuation and transfer aids. For example, you can place an evacuation mat in a Wall Cover or storage cabinet. With these accessories, you can also stimulate awareness for staff members of visitors in your building.

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Accessories for evacuation equipment

You can order your evacuation mat and rescue sheet with a variety of accessories. You can choose to mount your evac mat to the wall using a green storage cover (Wall Cover). Perhaps you work inside a building with high aesthetic requirements? You can place the evacuation aid inside Tetcon’s storage cabinet. Or, if you work in a historic building where nothing can be mounted on the walls, you can opt for this special stand to ensure your evacuation mat is stored properly.

If you are looking to purchase an S-CAPEPLUS Premium, you can level up your evacuation device by ordering a Feet Board or an extra head support system. This guarantees the best comfort possible for the patient being transported using the evacuation mat.

Accessories for transfer aids

You can find multiple accessories available for Tetcon’s transfer aids, such as a slide sheet.

Other accessories

Tetcon can also help you with other accessories, such as mortuary cot covers and coffin covers for the funeral industry. Special suits are also available to simulate obesity.