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10 / 02 / 2021

How Pemberley Cremations utilizes the Bodypod

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Pemberley Cremations is a firm that takes pride in delivering dignified funeral care at an affordable price. Located in the United Kingdom, Pemberley Cremations is a new funeral care service that offers a “no-fuss” approach to funerals for those who want complete control over the funeral service.

The Problem

As a new funeral care service, Pemberley Cremations wanted to ensure it provided the most dignified methods and equipment for body removal from day one. “We knew of experiences where the collection of the deceased had been far from dignified, and we want to ensure that never happens to one of our clients,” says Ryan May, Manager of Pemberley Cremations. Because each collection process is unique, some collections require maneuvering through tight spaces, up and down staircases, and through small hallways. May and his team spent quite a bit of time researching what types of equipment would help them to achieve their goal of providing a dignified collection process for each and every family they worked with.

Ryan May - manager of Pemberley Cremations

Ryan May – manager of Pemberley Cremations

The Solution

While in his search, May came across a YouTube video describing how the Bodypod worked. “We loved the design of the Transfer Mat,” he said. “We knew instantly that this was an item we needed to invest in.” So shortly after, May purchased the product for his team. Once they received the transfer device, May had his team trained on how to use the Bodypod within 10 minutes. Due to the design of the Mat, the Bodypod has made removal processes abundantly easier for the Pemberley Cremations team. “As a new venture, we want to create an excellent reputation,” says May. “We view the Bodypod as a key part of this. It allows us to leave our stretcher in a suitable location and to transfer the deceased from any part of a property in a kind and dignified way. We can then transfer the deceased to our stretcher for loading into the vehicle in an appropriate space without any risk to our staff.”

Additionally, May noted the benefits of the foam mattress and secure straps and flaps. This design provides complete flexibility while moving around tight corners, tight spaces, and while navigating stairs. Utilizing the Bodypod reduces any risk of accident to the deceased as well as to the Pemberley Cremations team members.

Bodypod Transfer Matras

The Result

Utilizing the Bodypod has helped May and his team to deliver on their company’s core values, providing dignity, empathy and value to each of their customers. Each of Pemberley Cremations removals happens in a dignified manner, due to the use of the Bodypod. In one instance, May’s team was called out to a home where the deceased was in a very small room on the ground floor. There was a hospital bed with the deceased, a sofa, small tables, cabinets and a very tight turn out of the room. The Bodypod provided complete flexibility in a very tight situation with minimal lifting, allowing for a safe transfer to the stretcher outside and into the vehicle. “We feel confident that we can handle all of our collections in a dignified, respectful manner due to the Bodypod,” says May. “The Bodypod also makes it possible for even inexperienced staff to have the confidence to carry out collections.”

Do you want to achieve the same result as Pemberley?

Do you think the Bodypod is a worthwhile investment for your company as well? Check out the video below or learn more about the Bodypod and its offerings to know if it’s right for your business needs.