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If you are looking for different kind of evacuation devices to rescue people with reduced mobility, you’ve come to the right place. These evacuation sheets and evacuation mattresses will help you do the job when every second counts. Due to the speed, ease-of-use and the comfort, you can find this equipment in many organisations around the world, such as schools, hospitals, companies, senior living facilities, shopping malls, cinemas, theatres and special care facilities. For all the evacuation devices, you don’t need to sign up for a mandatory service contract.

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Evacuation and rescue equipment

It’s almost impossible to prevent all emergencies or work-related injuries, but you can take the necessary safety measures to make sure that you have access to the correct equipment for your staff members. You can now get access to a range of evacuation and rescue equipment that will provide protection for yourself, your colleagues, your patients or your environment. You’ll not only start saving costs, but you won’t need to spend hours on training and you won’t face incredibly high purchasing costs. It all comes down to simplicity, speed and comfort. Three core values that make a difference in an emergency situation.

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Leave No One Behind

The ‘Leave No One Behind’ philosophy was created by Tetcon’s founders. The mission is to bring safety and security enthusiasts together; to inspire, strengthen and promote that vulnerable people are not left behind during emergency events.

Transfer equipment

With the range of transfer equipment, it all comes down to the reduction of physical stress. And whether you are working in a senior living home, in a hospital or in the field of deathcare, we can help you with all kind of solutions to simplify your day-to-day job and most importantly, reducing the chance for injuries caused by manual handling.


At Tetcon, you can only find a whole range of accessories to level up your evacuation and transfer equipment. We can help you with slide sheets, obesity simulation suits, body covers and much more.

Created by Tetcon

All products that you can find here are created by Tetcon. Tetcon is a Dutch textile development company.