Evacuation equipment
for emergencies

Easy-to-use evacuation aids to leave no one behind during an emergency evacuation.

Get to know which evacuation device fits your organisation

We help you to leave no one behind during an emergency.

If you’re working with evacuation equipment for immobile people and suffer from paying way too much for evacuation aids … if you’re unable to evacuate via rotating staircases with your current equipment… if you experience high maintenance costs … if you need to spend hours on training… if you ever receive complaints from co-workers that your systems are difficult to use… then this message is just for you.

If you’re looking for evacuation solutions for residents, co-workers or visitors of your building. You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s why…

You can now get access to a range of evacuation equipment that will solve all these problems for you. You will start saving costs. You don’t need to spend hours on training. And you will not face incredibly high costs. Check out the assortment of evacuation aids. Protecting people. Saving lives.

Evacuation Sheets

Helps you to save bedridden people.

Permanently under the mattress.
Protecting patients in care facilities. Using a unique packing method.

Used by thousands of organisations around the globe.

All evacuation sheets
Evacuation Sheet S-CAPEPOD
Evacuation Mattress / Rescue Mattress

Evacuation Mattresses

Evacuation mats & sledges that anyone can use.

As easy as 1,2,3.
Forget about spending hours on training. These evacuation mattresses can help you save lives when every second counts.

All evacuation mattresses

Rescue Sheets

Designed for critical situations.

Ensure a rapid extraction.
Designed for firefighters, riot police, trauma teams, paramedics, etc.

Suitable for transfers on and off stretchers.

All rescue sheets
Rescue Sheet Retmex

“We were using evacuation chairs in the past. Practicing with the chair was often difficult. The S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress is easy to use and can be deployed quickly. After a short instruction, team members can practice independently. They also practice to be ‘the victim’. The victim feels secure and safe.”

L. Kelly, Land van Horne

“The S-CAPEPOD system is the fastest, safest and most effective I’ve seen so far.”

Daniel Fortin, Beauceville Fire Service, Canada

“We use evacuation sheets for all departments where we can’t use the beds for a horizontal evacuation. We also use them during training sessions. We also have some evacuation mattresses. We are happy with both systems.”

T. Besselink, Elver

“During both demos, the users were happy about the ease-of-use. For the ‘victim’, it’s also comfortable. We’ve ordered the first evacuation mattresses for a Philips venue.”

J. Bekkers, Philips Benelux


evacuatiematras bij dsm
ASML heeft S-CAPEPLUS evacuatiematras

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In The Media

About Tetcon – Designers Of The Evacuation Equipment

Tetcon is a shortcut for technical textile concepts.. The first evacuation system was developed by Piet Hezemans in 2008:
Evacuation Sheet S-CAPEPOD for bedridden people.
From the very beginning, we kept a single goal in mind: “Leave No One Behind”
From that moment, we wanted to help organisations through the power of fast and easy evacuation equipment.
Throughout the years, we designed and developed a wide range of evacuation equipment for different types of people.
They are now being used by hospitals, schools, museums, companies, hotels and public institutions throughout the globe.
The entire range is based on three core values: simplicity, speed & comfort.

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