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Evacuation & Transfer Equipment

Leave no one behind

If you’re looking for evacuation solutions for residents, co-workers or visitors of your building, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you can find easy-to-use evacuation and transfer equipment to leave no one behind in an emergency situation. They can also help you to save costs on training and servicing.

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A range that can help you save lives:

What customers and users are saying

" We have the Bodypod and have moved in excess of 38stone persons who have died in tight areas or where a stairlift is present and it's one of the best business purchases I've bought. "

Owner Hemsell Repatriation, UK

" The S-CAPEPOD system is the fastest, safest and most effective I’ve seen so far. "

Daniel Fortin Beauceville Fire Fighters, Canada

" I compare evacuating via the staircase with a women's handbag. It's not heavy, but surprisingly light and comfortable. "

C. Kouwijzer GZA Hospitals

" We are very satisfied with the S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mat. We were looking for an economically viable solution and the Tetcon product exceeded our expectations also for ease of use. "

Marinella Cooperativa Sociale Trieste, Italy

" Users were very positive about the ease of use and also about the comfort for the victim on the mattress. "

J. Bekkers Philips Benelux

" We use evacuation sheets for all departments where we can’t use the beds for a horizontal evacuation. We also have some evacuation mats. We are happy with both systems. "

T. Besselink Elver Senior Living

" We were using evacuation chairs in the past. Practicing with the chair was often difficult. The S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress is easy to use and can be deployed quickly. "

L. Kelly Land van Horne Senior Living

" I've used the Bodypod twice this past week and it worked great! Both removals were in homes that were very difficult to navigate a full-size cot. It was easy to use; provided discretion while the family was present; and I felt that overall it presented itself well making the removal classy, efficient, and effortless.

Eric O'Leary O'Leary Funeral Services, USA

Thousands of organisations across the globe are using Tetcon's equipment:

Designed in Eindhoven, sold in 40+ countries

Our first evacuation system was developed by Piet Hezemans in 2008: Evacuation Sheet S-CAPEPOD for bedridden people. From the very beginning, we kept a single goal in mind: “Leave No One Behind”. From that moment, we wanted to help organisations like yours through the power of fast and easy evacuation equipment. Throughout the years, we designed and developed a wide range of evacuation and transfer equipment for different types of people. You can now find them being used by hospitals, schools, museums, companies, hotels & public institutions throughout the globe. The entire range is based on three core values: simplicity, speed & comfort.

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