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Evacuate like the best

Evacuation equipment - references
While practicing for different evacuation situations with the S-CAPEPLUS in several institutions, JOSSAFETY decided to take the product in its assortment. The S-CAPEPLUS biggest advantage is that victims stay low to the ground. They don’t have to look deep down below (this is the case with an evacuation chair) and this prevents panic and fear. It is also possible to evacuate unconscious people very fast and flexible. This is a big advantage compared to the Rautek emergency grip in case of going down the stairs.
Jos Kooijman, JOSSAFETY-SHOP | Almere
An evacuation aid has to be fast, simple and safe in every situation. Everyone should be able to work with an evacuation aid. The S-CAPEPLUS is fast and ready for us in a few simple steps. The biggest advantage is its flexibility while using the product. The S-CAPEPLUS can bring someone to safety in a very comfortable way. Transportation over large distances is possible, because the S-CAPEPLUS is extremely manageable. An ideal evacuation aid!
Rob Koster, Prymos Koster | Rotterdam
Gemeente Heeze-Leende is the first municipality in The Netherlands that chooses the S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress to evacuate citizens in case of emergencies. We paid attention to user friendliness, but also the price of the evacuation mattress was a big advantage. Evacuation chairs are often used in case of emergencies, but these are actually scary and unhandy, especially when you have to go down the stairs. We find it important to treat our visitors in a safe and friendly manner, that is why we have chosen for the S-CAPEPLUS!
Ilka Adriaans, Gemeente Heeze-Leende
Most important is the product’s simplicity. Almost zero instruction is needed and almost everyone can use it, you can’t say this from an evacuation chair. The width straps provide good grip and control. The slippery material are helpful for quick evacuation. Fast, simple and safe!
Ralph van Daal, Preventia Optima | Sittard
The S-CAPEPLUS is the perfect alternative for the evacuation chair. It is a safe and easy evacuation aid, which is comfortable for the rescue worker and the victim. The S-CAPEPLUS has our full support, thanks to its user friendliness and the safety it provides.
Leon van Leeuwen, Fire Control BV | Den Haag
We have years of experience in the fire department and healthcare industry and therefore we know that fast and effective evacuation can be life saving! The amount of rescue workers is always a problem and the S-CAPEPLUS is the solution for this. Rescue workers can work more effectively!
Marc Siebers, Respons Medical | Boxmeer