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Rescue Sheets

Here you can find different kinds of Rescue Sheets that go by the name of Retmex. Rescue sheets are also known as rescue litters. These rescue aids are designed for first responders and rescue professionals. There are currently 4 different models available and 2 types of disaster kits. You can use a rescue sheet to transfer a person from Point A to Point B. For example, to and from the stretcher. This can also be used to transfer from the ground to stretcher or from stretcher to operating table. The Retmex rescue sheets are often used when victims need to be rescued from a forest, national park, dunes or other difficult terrain.

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Rescue Sheets / Litters

Using rescue sheets will simplify your work of transferring patients or wounded individuals. They are known as flexible rescue litters when space is an issue. Each rescue sheet has multiple handles, meaning you can easily use the equipment with multiple colleagues or first responders. This allows you to spread the weight of the patient. The rescue sheets are also used to transfer patients on and off stretchers. The size, number of handles, and weight capacity of the rescue sheets all comply with EN1865 guidelines. Each rescue sheet also comes standard with a foot sack that ensures extra stability during the transfer.

The Comfort Model, Compact Model, and the Nomex Model all contain webbing on the inside of the sheet. This is where the patient would lay. Why? In a critical situation, it’s possible you may be on your own. This would allow you to extract the victim to a safe area by means of sliding (be careful because this could damage fabric).

When do I use a rescue sheet?

Paramedics or rescue teams usually use rescue sheets to transfer patients from point A to point B. You could also use it for lifting patients off the ground.

There is usually not enough evacuation equipment on hand during a disaster with mass casualties (terrorist attacks or mass shootings). When there are many casualties, you want to extract them from the danger zone in the quickest way possible. You also want to transport them to the right triage point. In the past, metal crowd barricades were used to transport patients. This clearly indicates the lack of rescue equipment in times when it’s most needed.

In situations such as this, you can use Retmex Disaster Kits. These kits are equipped with either nine or fifteen rescue sheets, which is ideal in a situation with mass casualties.

Retmex Rescue Litters

Retmex is a rescue sheet brand by Tetcon. These rescue sheets are designed to simplify the transport of patients and the wounded during a crisis. The Retmex range consists of multiple rescue sheets to ensure that you always find a solution that suits your needs.