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Bariatric Model

Rescue Sheet Retmex

Retmex is designed to help you transfer or rescue larger-sized individuals. This represents a particular challenge and that’s why you need specialised equipment to help you do the job.

Can be used by multiple responders

Whether responding to a forest, national park, or another rough area, the Rescue Sheet allows rescue workers to safely and quickly carry patients out of the area without any bumps along the way. You can use the Retmex with multiple responders to make your job as easy as possible.

Index finger video On this photo you can see how Guido is transferred on the Bariatric Retmex. Guido’s weight is 242 kg / 533 lbs.

Your work made easier. Oh, and much lighter.

This is an extra large rescue sheet. Whether you are a paramedic, a fireman or working as a rescue professional, you will come across all kinds of patients and difficulties with transferring is getting more common since obesity is part of our daily lives. This evacuation aid can help you to reduce physical strain AND smooth transfers of larger-sized individuals.

Carry it with you.
Everywhere you go.

No matter where you are, the Bariatric Retmex can help you conquer the most difficult rescue scenarios. That’s why we think it’s important you can bring it with you wherever you go. This green storage bag comes standard with every Bariatric Retmex purchased. Designed to leave no one behind.

Easy to clean

Is it time to clean your Retmex? No problem, you can clean it with a wipe and disinfectant or place it in the washing machine. We recommend cleaning after each time you use it.

Fire retardant. Forever.

The Retmex is equipped with a fire-retardant technology. It's been tested successfully on fire standard DIN4102-1 Class B1 & B2.

Designed in The Netherlands

Designed by Tetcon to ensure no one is left behind during an emergency. A super simple design stands at the core of this powerful tool.

Huge in size. Huge in details.


36 cross boxes add additional power and strength.


A foot sack ensures extra stability.


18 carry handles ensure that you can use the Retmex with many helpers.


PVC handles are enforced with textile threads and thus create extra grip and strength.

Designed for and with first responders

If you are a first responder, the Bariatric Retmex will help you transfer obese people from point A to point B. The tool has been created for countless rescue professionals dealing with obese patients:

Fire fighters

Rescue services

Ambulance services

First Responders


  • Article number


  • GTIN


  • Model name

    Retmex Rescue Sheet – Bariatric Model

  • Size rescue sheet

    220 x 120 cm (according to DIN1865-1)
    86.6″ x 47.2″ inches

  • Size feet sack

    40×120 cm
    15″ x 47.2″ inches

  • Material

    Polyester & PU

  • Applied fire tests to fabric

    DIN 4102 part 1 (Mai 1998)

  • Weight

    3 kg (according to DIN1865-1)
    6.61 lbs

  • Safe working load

    385 KG / 850 lbs (according to DIN 1865-1) – This is a photo of the internal weight test:

    Interne test - Retmex Reddingsdoek

  • Number of handles:

    18 (according to DIN1865-1)

  • Washing instructions:

    By hand: The equipment can be cleaned with a disinfection spray and wipe. Always allow it to dry after manual cleaning to prevent odours.

    It is recommended to wear gloves during cleaning (household gloves or disposable gloves).

    In the washing machine:
    Washing temperature: 60 degrees (Celsius),
    dry at a low temperature, do not iron, do not dry clean, do not bleach, do not use washing powder with fabric softener.

  • Guarantee

    All Retmex Rescue Sheet come with a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and production, which is valid from the date of purchase. Improper use, improper maintenance, vandalism, product modifications or accidents are not covered by the warranty.

  • CE

    Produced in alliance with the European Regulations:


    The product is classified in Class 1 according to Regulation MDR 2017/745/EU.
    Applied standards: NEN-EN-ISO 13485:2016 EN NEN-EN-ISO 14971:2019 EN

Made with precision you'd expect from a finely crafted rug - not a rescue sheet

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A polyurethane layer is placed on the lying position to create a flat and waterproof surface, which means you can easily clean the fabric using a disinfectant. That doesn’t sound like having loads of fun, but for some of you hygiene is incredibly important.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the safe working load of the Bariatric Retmex?

    The safe working load is 385 kg. This is a photo of the internal test:

    Interne test - Retmex Reddingsdoek

  • Is it produced according to the DIN1865-1 guideline?

    Ja, this Retmex has been produced according to the DIN1865-1 guidelines.

  • When do you use the rescue sheet?

    The Retmex can be used when you need to rescue a victim from a forest, national park, dunes or other difficult terrain. It is also used to transfer victims to and from the stretcher. This can be quite a challenge, especially when you are dealing with larger-sized people. With the Retmex you make it just a little easier.

  • Who's using the rescue sheet?

    Retmex Rescue Sheets are used by paramedics, first aid teams, firefighters, rescue teams and anyone who has to deal with accidents or crisis situations. It is also used in healthcare institutions to move people from A to B or it serves as an evacuation aid during an emergency evacuation.

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