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Evacuation Mattresses

Evacuation mats are designed to leave no one behind in an emergency. In this overview you can meet different models of the S-CAPEPLUS® Evacuation Mats and the evacuation mat for babies: S-CAPEKIDS®. All mats can help you with a horizontal evacuation, but also to evacuate immobile people via the staircase.

You can find these evacuation mats in hospitals, senior living facilities, schools, universities, museums, cinemas, companies and many more.

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Emergency Evacuation Mats

Evacuation mats are used to evacuate people with reduced mobility during an emergency. This product resembles a mattress and is made from thick foam to protect the individual. These mats allow individuals who cannot escape on their own to be quickly brought to safety. Evacuation mats can be used for both horizontal and vertical evacuation procedures (down a staircase), and descending a staircase is easy and safe. Depending on the training, use of these mats requires one or two people.

When should you use an evacuation mat?

Evacuation mats are used during emergencies, which can occur at any time. This could be a result of many factors, such as a gas leak, fire, smoke circulation, natural disaster, etc. In these situations, evacuation aids are used to evacuate people who cannot escape independently. For example, individuals who use a wheelchair, are unconscious, or have trouble walking may require an evacuation mat. With the assistance of one or two people, these people can be quickly brought to safety.


S-CAPEPLUS is an evacuation mat brand created by Tetcon. All S-CAPEPLUS mats are designed based on three core principles: speed, simplicity, and comfort. With this, you can trust the equipment will get the job done when every second counts. The mat’s simplicity means that almost anyone can use the equipment, you don’t need to spend hours on training, and you also don’t need to practice using it regularly. This simplicity is a lifesaving attribute; many evacuation aids go unused in an emergency because of their complexity. With the S-CAPEPLUS range, you eliminate these risks and ensure everyone is quickly and easily brought to safety. With S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mats you will find simplicity amidst the complexity of evacuating people with reduced mobility.