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Premium Model - With Dyneema®

S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress

This premium evacuation mat is designed with the world's strongest fiber, Dyneema®. It's designed for outdoor fire escapes, rough terrain, the industry and can be used for intensive training.

Straightforward in use.
Surprisingly strong.

The hidden power of Dyneema® is mind-blowing. It’s 15 times stronger than steel. By adding this powerful component to this premium evacuation mattress, it can be used for more purposes and different types of terrain.

Designed for fire escapes, rough terrain and the industry

It’s so simple to use, almost anyone can rescue a person in need.

Service contract? ‘Nah.’

Many evacuation devices come standard with a long-term and expensive service contract. That time is over. Due to its simple design, the S-CAPEPLUS does not require a maintenance contract. In fact, you can check the evacuation mattress for damages after use by yourself. You don’t need an annual service contract for that.

Fire retardant technology

The entire lying surface and the body flaps are made of a fire-retardant fabric. This meets the international fire standard M1.

Dyneema® is superior

The hidden power of Dyneema® is mind-blowing. It’s 15 times stronger than steel. By adding this powerful component to this premium evacuation mattress, it can be used for more purposes and different types of terrain.

Anti-bacterial tech from Switzerland

The entire lying surface and the body flaps have been treated with Sanitized TH27-24. This Swiss technology provides an anti-bacterial effect and offers optimal protection against many known hospital bacteria. Evacuation mats without an anti-bacterial treatment can cause life-threatening situations.

Details that matter


You can fixate a victim’s head with these head blocks. Easy to adjust with the hook and loop fasteners. This is a standard feature on the S-CAPEPLUS Premium.


By adding extra ‘bridges’ in the pulling straps, it’s easier to maneuver in tight spaces.


Optional: this is an optional Head Support System to provide extra security to the head and neck.


This card board divides the weight of the victim during a vertical evacuation.


The adjustable straps on the longitudinal sides will help you with steering through rotating staircases. The adjustable straps can be found on the head and feet end.


Optional: The Feet Board provides extra stability to the person on the evacuation mat. You can easily adjust the Feet Board to the person's length on the S-CAPEPLUS, so this makes it ideal for people with a shorter stature.

Can be used anywhere

This evacuation mattress can help you to evacuate less mobile people in case of calamities. The premium evacuation mat can now be found in all kinds of organisations across different industries, such as:

Care facilities


Public buildings

Schools & universities


  • Article number


  • GTIN


  • Model name

    S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress – Premium Model

  • Size packed in carrying bag:

    Carrying bag open: 60×210 cm / 82.6″ x 23.5″
    Carrying bag folded: 60x35x60 cm / 23.5″ x 13.5″ x 23.5″ inches

  • Size evacuation mattress

    60 × 210 x 7 cm
    82.6″ x 23.5″ x 2.8″ inches

  • Material top side:

    Fire retardant polyester

  • Material bottom - & feet side


  • Safe working load

    200 kg
    441 lbs

  • Cleaning and maintenance

    Clean by hand:

    Use a wipe and disinfectant


    In the washing machine

    Remove the cover and place in the washing machine. You can wash the cover with the following washing instructions:

    Washing temperature, 40 degrees (Celsius),
    dry at a low temperature, do not iron, do not dry clean,
    do not bleach, do not use washing powder with fabric softener

  • Guarantee

    All S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mats come with a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and production, which is valid from the date of purchase. Improper use, improper maintenance, vandalism, product modifications or accidents are not covered by the warranty.

  • Conformitée Européenne mark

    Produced in alliance with the European Regulations:


    The product is classified in Class 1 according to Regulation MDR 2017/745/EU.
    Applied standards: NEN-EN-ISO 13485:2016 EN NEN-EN-ISO 14971:2019 EN

Dyneema®. The world's strongest fiber.

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The power of Dyneema® makes this evacuation mattress extremely suitable for intensive abrasion. No less than 15 times stronger than steel. This powerful component has been added to the bottom and foot flap of the evacuation mattress.

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You won't be the first one using the S-CAPEPLUS premium:

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Eager to learn more about the safe use of S-CAPEPLUS Premium? With this eBook you will learn all tips and tricks to get the most out your Evacuation Mat.

Download your eBook today and learn everything there is to know about S-CAPEPLUS Premium.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's an Evacuation Mattress?

    An Evacuation Mattress is designed for the quick and safe evacuation of vulnerable people during an emergency situation. An emergency can occur anytime and not everyone can escape a building independently. For example when you are in a wheelchair. Or when you are dealing with a temporary injury. That is when you will need assistance on the way out. This kind of evacuation mats can help you in these situations. It can be used for a horizontal evacuation and to evacuate via staircases. They are operated by one or two people.  The Evacuation Mattresses are being installed inside hotels, schools, universities, hospitals, senior living homes, cinemas, shopping centres and the list goes on and on.

  • What's Dyneema?

    DSM’s super-strong ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber branded as Dyneema® offers maximum strength with minimum weight. This makes the number of possible applications virtually unlimited.

    Read more about Dyneema

  • Why did you tow the evacuation mat behind a car?

    To test the durability and resilience of Dyneema® (and the emergency evacuation mattress), we towed it behind a Land Rover and drove around on a parking lot. This allowed us to assess the durability of the material and if it would be beneficial component to the evacuation mat. Therefore, we will never recommend to tow this behind a car. The device should only be used for emergency situations or training purposes and always follow the instructions. Are you curious about the results of the test? Watch this video:

  • When do you choose an S-CAPEPLUS Premium?

    If you need to deal with rough surfaces or perforated steps in your building or training centre, it is recommended to go for the S-CAPEPLUS Premium. If you find it important to give the victim’s head extra support through the head blocks, you can opt for the S-CAPEPLUS Premium. Many users also choose an S-CAPEPLUS Premium for training purposes.

  • Where's the Dyneema® on the Evacuation Mat?

    The Dyneema® fabric is placed on the bottom and feet side of the evacuation mattress. This ensures optimal protection while you are sliding the evacuation mat.

  • How do I store the S-CAPEPLUS Premium?

    The S-CAPEPLUS Premium comes standard in a blue carrying bag. When you want to mount the evacuation mat to the wall, it is recommended to combine your evacuation mat with a green Wall Cover. The green Wall Cover increases visibility of the evacuation mat inside your building and it also creates awareness for a potential emergency evacuation.

    Down below you can see a photo of an evacuation mat that is stored in the green Wall Cover:

    Dit is een evacuatiematras gemaakt en geleverd door Tetcon

  • Is it painful?

    You are not the first one to ask this. This is a perception that many users have who have never used the evacuation mattress before. However, the opposite is true. Many users also call it ‘a massage’ when you are brought down a flight of stairs. In general, people experience the evacuation via the stairs as comfortable.

    Here you can read a complete review of the S-CAPEPLUS by Josephine Rees from Able Amsterdam.

  • With how many people do you operate the Evacuation Mat?

    This depends on how experienced you are. If you are an experienced user, you can operate the S-CAPEPLUS Premium on your own. 

    When you are going to use the S-CAPEPLUS for the first time during a demo or training, it is recommended that you operate the S-CAPEPLUS with 2 people: 1 person at the foot end and 1 person at the head end.

    Make sure the victim’s weight is relatively equal to your own weight. This way you always keep control and ensures you get comfortable with the product’s use.

    Your own safety always is priority number. Always follow the user instructions. If you feel uncomfortable or don’t think you can handle it, leave it to someone else.

  • Should I sign up for a maintenance contract?

    No. You won’t get a maintenance or service contract if you purchase the S-CAPEPLUS Premium. We believe this is an unnecessary expense and we do not want to burden you with that. Once you have used the evacuation mattress, you may check it visually for any damage.

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