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At Tetcon, we are creators of evacuation equipment.

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Each and every piece of evacuation equipment is based on our core design values: ‘simplicity, speed and comfort’. These values will help you to become an expert with the range of evacuation equipment. Every product serves Tetcon’s mission to Leave No One Behind. That means that we want to bring safety and security enthusiasts together; to inspire, strengthen and promote that vulnerable people are not left behind in an emergency event. Here you will learn more how our journey began and how we can help you to leave no one behind.

Evacuation Equipment To Leave no one behind

A Brief History

It all started in 2008. A psychiatric hospital in Eindhoven sent us a request to replace their evacuation sheets, which were installed on all their beds to ensure a safe escape of bedridden patients. Even though we lacked any ‘Evacuation-Knowledge’, we emarbked on a journey of designing and testing prototypes. Our vast and extensive knowledge of textiles set out to be extremely useful. After months, we launched the first version of the S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet. And we’re now on a mission to Leave No One Behind in an emergency event. Join us and spread the word.

help bedridden people escape in emergencies
Evacuation Equipment To Leave No One Behind

Design. Develop. Market.

At Tetcon, we design, develop and market a wide range of evacuation equipment to make sure that no one is left behind in an emergency event. Each and every product is designed where we focus on you and the person in need. Simplicity is the key.

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Design Principles

Each and every piece of Evacuation Equipment that we create needs to pass two design principles:

SEC Formula:

– Speed
– Ease-of-use
– Comfort

1+1+1 Principle*:
1 User can rescue 1 Person within 1 Minute

*Training is required and advised when you need to do the job by yourself.

Evacuation equipment design
Digital Evacuation School

Save costs with the
Digital Evacuation School

Many manufacturers insist on face-to-face training. At Tetcon we create products that are so incredibly easy to use that you can do the training by yourself. Carefully study the eBooks and tutorials in the Digital Evacuation School to save €$£ every year. And it’s completely free!

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Maintenance contracts? ‘Nah.’

Stop overpaying for maintenance costs. At Tetcon, we believe that the ‘maintenance contract model’ is broken and needs to be fixed. That’s why you don’t sign up for a maintenance contract when you purchase our equipment. Carefully check your product after use, wash it and store it back for your next use.

Tetcon Reseller Program

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In order to spread the philosophy and movement, Tetcon created a Reseller Program which will help you to grow your business. A shared vision is the source of powerful partnerships. Are you ready to start a ‘Leave No One Behind’ movement in your country?

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Evacuation equipment to leave no one behind:

Retmex Rescue Sheet

Evacuation Mats

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Retmex Rescue Sheet

Evacuation Sheets

Evacuation Sheets that are positioned underneath the mattress

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Retmex Rescue Sheet

Rescue Sheets

Life-saving rescue sheets for mass casualties and disasters

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Tetcon is a shortcut for Technical Textile Concepts. We were founded by the Hezemans family in the heart of the Brainport area: Eindhoven, The Netherlands. A lifelong experience in technical textiles helped us to create top-notch evacuation equipment that can make a difference for your life and your organisation. Besides Evacuation Equipment, Tetcon creates transfer aids, anti tear materials, tailor made textile concepts & more.
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