Our evacuation story in a nutshell

Our story begins in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, back in 2008. We were approached by a well-known psychiatric hospital. They were looking for a new evacuation sheet for their bedridden patients. They were absolutely not happy with their current evacuation sheets. Evacuation was completely new to us, since our core business was focused on technical textiles. However, we were absolutely thrilled to start this new project. We wanted to solve this and had a goal in mind: the new device had to super easy-to-use and comfortabel for the patient and the rescuer. After many months of designing and testing, we introduced evacuation sheet
S-CAPEPOD. In only a short period of time, we were able to equip many care beds with this life-saving device. A few months after the introduction, we got in touch with another hospital. They needed an evacuation device for the operating theatre and for wheelchair users, but it had to be the same design as the S-CAPEPOD. That is how we changed the evacuation sheet into an evacuation mattress and the
S-CAPEPLUS was born. Currently we have a broad range of evacuation equipment for different target groups, all based on our core evacuation values: ‘simplicity, speed and comfort’.

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The idea behind our range of evacuation equipment has never changed:

Developing a range of easy-to-use and quick evacuation devices. Due to this philosophy, the S-CAPE range brings evacuation equipment to a whole new dimension. And not only is it fast-in-use, it’s more comfortable than ever.

Everything you do with the entire evacuation equipment, starts with the simple design where we focus on the carer and the person in need. It’s all about speed, ease of use and comfort.

We offer a patented range of evacuation equipment that we designed, developed and market ourselves. The following life-saving devices are available from Tetcon: 

– S-CAPEPOD Evac Cocoon – for bedridden individuals

– Bariatric S-CAPEPOD – for larger individuals

– S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress – for immobile individuals

– S-CAPEKIDS Evacuation Mattress – for babies and infants

Besides our big passion for evacuation equipment – we are still working in the field of technical textiles. From this textile-passion, we started to develop a broad range of evacuation sheets and evacuation mattress. That’s why our mission is:

Helping organisations through the power of technical textiles, every single day.

Besides our range of evacuation equipment, we focus on the following textile concepts:

– Bodypod transfer mattress for funeral services (patented)

– NoFlame fire retardant textiles

– Tear Proof Textiles

– Agent for BKS Textiles India & Gastaldi Italy

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