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Evacuation Sheets

An Evacuation Sheet can help you to evacuate bedridden people during an emergency. It all comes down to speed and simplicity. You place the evacuation sheets permanently underneath the bed mattress. The patient neither sees it, nor feels it.

By implementing this solution in your organization, bedridden people can be quickly and easily brought to a safe zone when disaster strikes.

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Emergency Evacuation Sheets

An evacuation sheet is positioned permanently underneath the standard bed mattress of a patient. Therefore, the patient never sees it, nor feels it. In an emergency, you can fixate the patient to his/her own mattress using straps or flaps. Pulling straps located at the head and feet of the mat are then used to move the mattress from the bedframe to the floor. After this, you can evacuate to a safe zone. This type of evacuation sheets see widespread use in healthcare facilities (hospitals, senior care, mental health facilities and psychiatric wards), where there is a high likelihood of having to move immobile patients in a crisis. These mats are currently used by thousands of organisations in more than 40 countries.

Currently, there are four emergency evacuation sheets available from Tetcon:

When should I use an evacuation sheet?

Those who are bedridden are exposed to many risks, especially during an emergency situation such as a fire or anytime there is smoke circulation. They simply can’t escape on their own, and  need the help of nurses, security staff, or rescue services to evacuate. Without any evacuation aids, it will be incredibly difficult to bring them to a safe zone. Wheeling the bed out is usually not an option; when you need to evacuate a complete hospital ward, these beds can result create huge blockades that waste precious time. They can also block the passage for fire wardens or rescue services.

It is exactly for this reason that organisations choose to install evacuation sheets. This ensures that everyone has an evacuation device at their disposal and can be quickly and easily rescued during a crisis.

Evacuation mats can also be installed throughout the facility to aid in evacuating people with reduced mobility (e.g., in a wheelchair).


S-CAPEPOD is a brand of evacuation sheets by Tetcon. The sheets are designed with three core principles in mind: simplicity, speed, and comfort. These three elements are critical during an emergency situation and ensure that no one is left behind. Due to the wide range of available S-CAPEPOD evacuation sheets, you can always choose an aid that best suits your unique situation and budget. With the S-CAPEPOD range, you can find simplicity in the complexity of evacuating people who are bedridden.