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Transfer Mattress for body removal services


The Bodypod helps you to simplify in-house removals. We’re now on a mission:
‘Reduce lifting and physical stress for the funeral service employee.’

A body removal can be a very challenging and difficult task

Narrow hallways and tight corridors can make body removals extremely difficult for you and your colleagues.

This is why so many workers in the body removal industry have to deal with physical stress. With obesity on the rise, lifting becomes almost impossible in more and more situations.

Prevent unnecessary lifting injuries

Manual work may cause injury to your body’s joints, muscles, tendons, etc. While using the Bodypod, you can let gravity do the work on the staircase and prevent you from needing to lift. It will prevent dangerous situations and reduce the chance of injuries.

A thick foam mattress protects the deceased

And that’s not everything. This also helps to prevent damage to walls and stairs.

A quick transfer to the mortuary cot

Sometimes you cannot prevent lifting. For example in a situation where you need to transfer the deceased from the floor to the mortuary cots.

You can always use the handles on the longitudinal side of the Bodypod to simplify this transfer.

Start using the Bodypod Transfer Mat today

A transfer tool that not only does its job, Bodypod surpasses everything else that’s available.

Two people can use Bodypod, thanks to its simple concept.
It’s a highly effective and practical for every employee in the body removal industry and it fits perfectly in your van.

Index finger video Photo by Beutler Bestattungen, Germany

Equipped with Dyneema®

There’s Dyneema® on the feet section and a part of the bottom side. Dyneema® is the world’s strongest fiber which provides extra strength and less abrasion resistance. It also helps to extend the lifetime of the product.

Designed in The Netherlands

Designed in The Netherlands to reduce physical strain during your day-to-day job. So many great features will make you want to use the Bodypod every single day.

Water-repellent surface

Bodypod is produced with powerful yarns and a water repellent PU coating. As a result, the Bodypod is super easy to clean.

Powerful features


The Bodypod comes in a storage bag which has two functions - you can lay it flat on the mortuary cot to save space AND it's portable. That's win-win.


Long pulling straps ensure that you can work ergonomically and thus stay healthy longer.


You can fix the body to the mattress using the head strap and 4 positioning straps.


Sometimes you cannot escape lifting. E.g. to transfer the Bodypod from the ground to the mortuary cot. That's why you'll find handles on the sides of the Bodypod.


A 'feet board' at the feet end ensures that you can easily rest your leg to the mattress while going down the stairs.


Optional: With this foldable Feet Support System the positioning of the deceased becomes even better.


Optional: If you want a create a better feeling of security for the head of the deceased, you can choose this Head Support system as an option.

In what kind of situations can you use the Bodypod?

If you want to reduce the physical strain for yourself and your team members, you can use the Bodypod in countless situations, such as:

In small hallways

For larger-sized individuals

For rotating staircases

To prevent back pain


  • Article number


  • GTIN


  • Model name

    Bodypod Transfer Mattress

  • Material

    PU Polyester & Dyneema®

  • Size

    210 x 60 x 7 cm
    82.6″ x 23.5″ x 2.8″

  • Weight

    7 kg
    15.5 lbs

  • Safe working load

    200 kg
    441 lbs

  • Cleaning and maintenance

    Use a wipe and disinfectant to clean the Bodypod

    Do not use high-pressure water!

    In the washing machine:
    1. Remove Bodypod cover from the foam mattress
    2. Place the Bodypod Cover in laundry bag or wash separately

    Washing instructions:
    40 degrees Celsius, no ironing, low drying temperature, no bleaching

A unique construction of layers

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03

A firm and thick foam mattress protects the deceased on the Bodypod. The foam is no less than 7 centimeters thick, which can optimally absorb any shocks while keeping the Bodypod flexible to use.

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
The Bodypod is used by funeral professionals around the globe:

Combine with Body Slider

Use the Body Slider Sheet to transfer the deceased from the bed to the Bodypod. This reduces the physical stress during your day-to-day job. The Body Slider can be placed underneath the deceased and can then transferred to the Bodypod without you needing to lift.

Your step-by-step guide

Are you ready to start using the Bodypod? You might need some extra help to learn the correct techniques and simplify the usage. This saves you costs on training and your team will get better and better at using the Bodypod.

This step-by-step guide is a must for every user of the Bodypod.

Download e-Book

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to clean the Bodypod?

    You can clean the Bodypod by hand. Use a wipe and a disinfectant.

    You can also put the Bodypod cover in the washing machine. Place the outer cover in a laundry bag or wash separately from other laundry. You can wash the Bodypod according to the following guidelines: 40 degrees (Celsius), do not iron, low drying temperature, do not bleach

  • What is the safe working load?

    The safe working load of the Bodypod is 200 kg or 440 lbs. To remind you of this maximum carrying capacity, this is also printed on the product.

  • My Bodypod is broken, what now?

    Over time, your Bodypod may become damaged as a result of so-called wear and tear. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to renew the entire system. For example, is only the outer cover damaged? You only have to replace the outer cover, which saves a lot of extra costs.

  • Who's using the Bodypod?

    The Bodypod is used by funeral directors and body removal specialists who are collecting the deceased from the location where they passed away.

  • Why would you use the Bodypod?

    A body removal can be tough and difficult. Especially when you have to move the deceased via the stairs. Many houses have spiral staircases, narrow corridors or narrow hallways, which makes the transfer of a deceased more complicated. Especially when you use a standard mortuarty cot for this. This means that you have to lift a lot and your back and limbs are heavily strained. In addition, a cot can damage stairs and walls. With the Bodypod you prevent all this.

  • What accessories can you order for the Bodypod Transfer Mat?

    There are two accessories available for the Bodypod Transfer Mattress:
    1. Feet Board
    2. Head Support System

    Both products are designed to elevate the use of the Bodypod.

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