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01 / 06 / 2019

Tetcon and HRT Saric partner to make evacuation equipment available in Croatia

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The HRT Saric Safety Seminar took place on Tuesday, June 4th. This is an annual fire safety event organized by HRT Saric from Dugo Selo in Croatia. The event is well attended every year by a large number of health safety managers and firefighters. This year colleagues from Tetcon were also present. We had the opportunity to explain and demonstrate the entire range of evacuation equipment and visitors were able to test them. Evacuation aids are rarely or not used by Croatian organizations. In fact, very little is known about these solutions. To change this, HRT Saric and Tetcon partnered to make the evacuation solutions available for Croatian end users. HRT Saric wants to help their customers with more means of escape and thus ensure that no one is left behind in emergencies.

Recently, the S-CAPEPLUS Premium was also used in an evacuation drill in the Sky Office Tower in Zagreb, Croatia. This is a link to the video. The event was a beautiful day. Below you can see a short photo report of the event:

Tomislav Saric staat de groep van brandweermannen, veiligheidsmanagers en ambulanciers te woord.

Evacuatiematras in Kroatië

De S-CAPEPLUS Premium wordt getest.

S-CAPEPOD Evacuatiedoek

Het S-CAPEPOD Evacuatiedoek wordt gedemonstreerd op de trap

S-CAPEPOD Evac sheet

De S-CAPEPOD ligt standaard en permanent onder het bed van een cliënt.

Evacuatiematras in Kroatië

Tomislav Saric & Bob Hezemans staan de groep te woord.