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30 / 08 / 2021

Evacuation Sheet Tutorial by University Hospital Brussels, Belgium

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Evacuating a hospital¬†can be extremely difficult for staff members and rescue services. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for a potential disaster. Whenever a hospital needs to evacuate, it makes sense to first move away from the danger zone and go towards a safe compartment. In this type of situations, it becomes more and more uncommon to use beds to wheel the patient out. Moving patients with the bed can cause blockades in the hallways.

But what is the fastest way to evacuate a complete hospital ward? It might not be a question that you are dealing with every single day, but the University Hospital Brussels in Belgium decided to have a close look on what the fastest way could be. Whenever you are going to imitate ‘evacuation scenarios’, you will quickly come to the conclusion that you can’t do this without evacuation equipment. And this also counted for the Belgian hospital.

After doing various test, the university hospital decided to deploy the S-CAPEPOD Budget Model underneath its bed mattresses. These evacuation sheets are permanently positioned underneath the mattress. They are ready for use in a matter of seconds and you evacuate a patient to a safe zone including the bed mattresses.

To make sure that all staff members know how to use such a device in an emergency situation, the hospital created the tutorial video below. It is made in collaboration with Tetcon team members to make sure that all staff members learn the safe use.

More info about these evacuation sheets?

Would you like to implement these evacuation sheets in your care facility? Our customer service is happy to provide you all the assistance that you need. You can send an email to info (@) tetcon-ge.com or give us a call on +31 40 298 99 55. We’re ready to provide all the support that you need.