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20 / 04 / 2022

A new tool to simulate obesity: Obesity Simulation Suit

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Obesity is on the rise

According to the WHO, 650 million adults around the globe are obese (2016). The worldwide prevalence of obesity nearly tripled between 1975 and 2016.
In the figure below, you can see the share of adults that are obese.

This also means that obesity is becoming increasingly common in healthcare. And as patients’ weight increases, the risk of physical strain on caregivers grows.

Simulate obesity in bariatric care

Whether you’re slim, athletic, or more toned, it can be difficult to put yourself in the shoes of a larger-sized individual. When you have to provide care for these types of patients, it is useful to know what his or her challenges are in daily life. This not only benefits your own knowledge, but also the quality of the care you can provide. That’s why you can now take a simulation training to an even higher level with this new Obesity Suit. In this way you almost literally step into the body of a person that is morbid-obese. And you can also experience for yourself how your mobility is affected by weight. To give an example, wearing this suit makes it difficult to put on your shoes, pants and sweater.

But turning or repositioning in bed also becomes increasingly difficult. That’s why you can use this Obesity Suit for all sorts of training; first aid, ergonomics, haptonomy, manual handling, hoist training and so on. The training becomes realistic and you avoid excessive lifting. You will promote to work as ergonomically as possible.

It also improves role-playing scenarios.

Different shapes and proportions

With this suit you can easily imitate the well-known obesity shapes: the pear shape and the apple shape.

Putting on the Obesity Simulation Suit

In this video you can see how to put on the suit:

Order your Obesity Simulation Suit

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