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Obesity Simulation Suit

Do you want to brush up your skills to safely care for larger-sized patients? This obesity suit will help you to simulate realistic scenarios in bariatric care. This way you can experience how movements are influenced by weight.

Simulate realistic scenarios

Thanks to this obesity suit you can practice realistically without endangering yourself with excessive lifting. This improves workplace ergonomics. And it prevents physical strain during the training.

The Obesity Suit consists of three different parts:

The suit consists of three body parts: arms, torso and legs. That allows you to experience the mobility limitations that a bariatric patient is confronted with every day.

Pros and cons:

➕ You put yourself in the shoes of a larger-sized patient, which can help to prevent future prejudices on obesity.
➕ The suit helps to empathise more with the bariatric patient.
➕ Great way to learn lifting and transferring techniques
➕ You experience how mobility is affected by weight.
➕ Great replacement tool when an ‘obese model’ isn’t available during your training day.
➖ Can be pretty warm during warm days.
➖ Comes in a large trolley which takes up quite some space.

Makes role-playing realistic


The Obesity Suit comes standard with a sweater and pants.


A great tool for practical training in the healthcare workplace.

Designed for healthcare professionals

There's a serious risk for healthcare staff who manage bariatric patients. That's why it's important to understand the challenges that come along with obesity.
Implement the Obesity Simulation Suit during ergonomics training for:

Senior living

Rescue services




  • Article number


  • Model name

    Obesity Simulation Suit

  • Material

    Outside: 98% polyester / 2% elastane
    Filling: 100% polyester

  • Weight

    approx. 15 kg

  • Cleaning and maintenance

    Machine washable at 30 degrees (Celsius)

  • Parts

    The obesity suit consists of three body parts: legs, torso and arms. You will also receive a sweater and pants that you can put on over the suit. The complete package is delivered in a wheeled suitcase.

Who else is using the Obesity Simulation Suit?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Obesity Simulation Suit?

    An obesity suit is used as a manual handling training aid for obesity. Nursing staff can implement the suit to develop specialist skills needed to safely manage and care for obesity/bariatric patients. Thanks to the suit, caregivers can practice techniques and simulate realistic scenarios. It also makes role-playing during a bariatric training more realistic. And all of this is possible in a safe environment without putting a physical strain on yourself.

  • For what kind of training has it been designed?

    The suit can be used for all kinds of training situations: first aid, manual handling, ergonomics, haptonomy, rescue sheets, evac mattresses and other evacuation equipment, etc.

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