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05 / 08 / 2020

Tetcon launches an extra large rescue sheet for people with morbid obesity

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Today is the 5th of August. Today you are going to meet the new Bariatric Retmex. You may have already seen it on social media, but the past few weeks we have been working hard on the new Bariatric Retmex. The Bariatric Retmex is a rescue sheet. A rescue sheet is also known as a sling, rescue blanket or as a transfer sheet. Bariatrics in healthcare focuses on prevention, treatment and causes of obesity. The launch of this extra large rescue blanket is now finally here. Here’s everything you need to know about this new rescue and how it will make your work easier.

Why did we design this new Rescue Sheet?

Retmex is designed to help you transfer or rescue larger-sized individuals. This represents a particular challenge and that’s why you need specialised equipment to help you do the job.

Combining safety and ergonomics

Whether you are a paramedic, a fireman or working as a rescue professional, you will come across all kinds of patients and difficulties with transferring is getting more common since obesity is part of our daily lives. “In the UK alone, the number of obese people being rescued by the fire service because they are too large to move on their own has gone up by more than a third over the past three years (2013-2016)”. – BBC

Polyester combined with strong technology

The fabric is made with 16 threads per centimeter in the warp and 10,5 threads per centimeter in the weft. This gives the rescue sheet a rigid structure. A polyurethane layer is placed on the lying position to create a flat and waterproof surface, which means you can easily clean the fabric using a disinfectant. That doesn’t sound like having loads of fun, but for some of you hygiene is incredibly important.

Pushed to extremes during an internal test

To make sure you can work safely with the new Retmex, we decided to push the rescue sheet to its limits. We did this by attaching more than 400 KG to the rescue sheet and lift them up. These were barrels filled with lubricating oil. And you know what happened to the rescue sheet? Nothing! In other words, mission accomplished. We’re pretty sure we could have increased the weight, but due to lack of space in the Retmex, this wasn’t possible. That’s why we adjusted the safe working load to 385 kg.

Evacuatiedoek XXL Test - Bariatric Retmex

Dit is een in-house draagtest met olievaten

Everything about the new Retmex is huge. Huge in size. Huge in details.

Here are a few more details that will matter to you and other responders:

  • 18 carry handles ensure that you can use the Retmex with many helpers.
  • Tested up to 385 KG
  • 36 cross boxes add additional power and strength
  • Created according to the DIN 1865 guideline
  • PVC handles are enforced with textile threads and thus create extra grip and strength
Details van reddingsdoek XXL Retmex

Belangrijke details van de Bariatric Retmex

Would you like to start using the Bariatric Retmex?

Do you want to use the Bariatric Retmex for your organization? Do you have questions about the rescue sheet or do you want more information? You can always send an email to info (at) Tetcon-ge.com or call 0031 40 298 99 55. You can now also request a quote.

Talk to you soon?