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04 / 05 / 2016

"The S-CAPEPLUS is less scary than an evacuation chair"

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The municipality of Heeze-Leende is the first municipality in the Netherlands to opt for evacuation mattress S-CAPEPLUS. The device allows them to evacuate civilians and visitors from the town hall in case of an emergency. Since they are the first town hall to install this evacuation device, we set up an interview their emergency response manager Ilka Adriaans to learn more about choice and emergency preparedness in general:

Why did you choose for the S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mat?

“Our town hall has several floors, and the council chamber is on the first floor. Visitors of the town hall regularly come here, for example at weddings or council meetings. In the event of fire or any other emergency, we need to provide a means of escape, and we believe it is important that older people or people with disabilities can also be evacuated safely via the stairs. After all, the lift can’t be used in case of fire. That is why the municipality of Heeze-Leende has decided to purchase evacuation mattresses. ”

What did you pay attention to when purchasing evacuation equipment?

“We mainly paid attention to ease of use, but the price of the S-CAPEPLUS was also a plus for us. On the contrary, people often want to use an evacuation chair for emergency evacuation, but we find that very scary and inconvenient, especially when you have to go down the stairs. Therefore, we started looking for an alternative because we think it is important to treat our visitors in a safe and friendly manner, which is why we chose the S-CAPEPLUS. ”

What is the S-CAPEPLUS?
The S-CAPEPLUS is an evacuation mattress which allows you to evacuate people with disabilities in a quick and safe way. The evacuation aid is a mattress with body flaps with which you can move a victim in a pleasant and simple way. It has pulling straps that allow the mattress to be towed away, which can be done by one person in an emergency. The fabric of the S-CAPEPLUS is fire-retardant and closing of the hook and loop fasteners is done with extremely strong hook and loop fasteners. The S-CAPEPLUS is developed and patented by Tetcon. Due to their experience with mattresses and textiles, they are aware of the best and most advanced materials in the textile world. The S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress was created to make evacuation procedures incredibly fast and easy and ultimately to leave no one behind. Ultimately, this will lead to a safer environment inside buildings.

The original message has been published on RTV Horizon