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09 / 09 / 2016

Are you working in the funeral industry? Then you will face this problem

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Today, stretchers are used to move a deceased from floor one to the ground floor. However, the problem is that they aren’t as flexible in use. Certainly not on stairs or in a narrow corridor. And then we haven’t even mentioned a spiral or steep staircase. But it’s obvious that this can cause a lot of problems. It’s not pleasant for the funeral employee, but certainly not for the next of kin. The body of a deceased has to be moved in a humane way. Unfortunately, this is not always possible with a stretcher. What we’ll do is introduce an entirely new product which is much smarter and lighter than any other transfer tool on the market to move deceased. We’re talking about Bodypod, and yes, we’ve registered a patent for it.

Why do you need this new tool?


Strechter of brancard voor de uitvaart

Above you see three different stretchers; conventional models which you probably use on a daily basis. What’s wrong with their functionality? The problem is in the frame. Because of their steel frames, they aren’t as maneuverable. In other words: you can’t easily work with a stretcher in a narrow passage or on a curved staircase. That’s why you often have to do heavy lifting and your back isn’t made to cope with that. Because 1/5 of the world population probably will be overweight in 2025, this load will only increase. Many funeral employees will therefore encounter physical complaints with their back and limbs. The result of these complaints? Absenteeism. How do we solve this?

The solution can be found in Bodypod’s three core values:

  1. Compact
  2. Relieving
  3. Simplicity

What we will do is forget about this whole frame and use a sturdy, compact foam mattress. A foam mattress that is maneuverable, which completely relieves the body of the employee and which is deployable on any kind of staircase and in any corridor or passage; whether it’s narrow, curved or steep. This idea was realized by Dela, a Dutch funeral cooperative with three million members. They showed us the limitations of a stretcher and the overload it causes among employees. Thanks to the foam mattress, you won’t have to lift the whole thing while moving the deceased. The foam mattress is provided with a polyester outer cover and an anti-microbial effect.

Bodypod: The world’s lightest transfer tool for the funeral service industry

By choosing the right material, we can say that the Bodypod is the lightest transfer tool for funeral service employees on the market.


Bodypod Transfer Matras

Bodypod is now available from Tetcon. Feel free to give us a call (+31 40 298 99 55) or send an email (info@tetcon-ge.com).