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12 / 09 / 2018

Evacuation mattress test: 19 stories in 9 minutes

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To show the durability and speed of the evacuation mattress (basic model of S-CAPEPLUS), Tetcon conducted a test inside Blok 59, Eindhoven.

This year – many resellers, customers and partners were asking us:
“How long does it take to descend via a X number of staircases with the S-CAPEPLUS evac mattress?”
To be honest, we could not give a solid answer. Every building, every staircase, every user and every victim is different. All these ‘factors’ have an effect on that time.
Anyhow, we wanted to show evidence how quickly you can descend during a vertical evacuation. Therefore, we decided to do an evac mattress test in a multi-storey building (19 floors) and we caught it on a camera. It took about 9 minutes to go from the top to the bottom floor.

Have a look at the video below to check out the test.


What is an evacuation mattress?

An evacuation mattress can simplify the evacuation of a less-mobile person. An evacuation mattress allows you to bring the less mobile person to safety, also when this needs to be done via the stairs. This means that this type of evacuation equipment can be used for horizontal and vertical evacuations. An evacuation mattress is also known as an ‘rescue mattress’, ‘evac escape mat’, ‘evac pad’ or ‘ski mattress’. It’s often being used an alternative for evacuation chair.