Evacuation mattress

An evacuation mattress is a type of equipment to evacuate less mobile persons during an emergency situation. A lot of organizations might have to deal with a calamity at any given moment. This is why the evacuation mattress is installed with all kinds of organizations which house people with limited mobility. You should think of hospitals and retirement homes, but also companies and hotels. These kinds of organizations also deal with people who have a permanent or temporary limited mobility on a daily basis.

When a calamity occurs, people with limited mobility are vulnerable. They often can’t use the stairs independently. An evacuation mattress ensures that one or two aid workers can bring the less mobile person to safety, also when this needs to be done by stairs. This means that this evacuation device can be used for horizontal and vertical evacuations. An evacuation mattress is also known as an ‘escape mattress’, ‘rescue mattress’, ‘evac mat’ or ‘ski mattress’.

There are various kinds of evacuation mattresses on the market. One of the examples is the S-CAPEPLUS.

Evacuation mattress S-CAPEPLUS
Evacueren tijdens calamiteiten met een evacuatiematras