What are alternatives for an evacuation chair?

Evacuatiestoel alternatief

An evacuation chair is used to evacuate disabled persons across stairs. The idea of the chair is that this can be done safely and fast during

calamities. An evacuation chair has so called slipping belts. With these belts, the chair glides across the stairs. Even though there are no direct obligations concerning evacuation products, a lot of organizations have equipped their hallways or stairways with such an evacuation chair. A well know evacuation chair is the Evac Chair. It can be recognized by the blue and yellow colours.

Some organisations might be looking for an alternative on the evacuation chair. Some safety managers also find this type of evacuation device quite expensive and difficult to use. Also, organizations don’t want a service contract. Some people who are seated in this chair also find it frightening because they are looking into a steep stairway. Is this the case with your organization?

Specially for this reason, we have drawn up a list with evacuation alternatives.

These are alternatives to an evacuation chair:

Evac chair alternative

With these evacuation devices, you can evacuate persons in a lying position. Also via staircases. Before you choose a piece of evacuation equipment, it is important to look at with which kind of mobility limitations someone is dealing. Is the person in a wheelchair, does the person have impaired vision or does this person walk with crutches? You also need to look at the construction of buildings. In old buildings, the hallways and door openings are often narrow. This will then also apply to the escape routes. With some evacuation equipment pieces, like a stretcher, you won’t have enough room. Drawing up a personal evacuation plan for the disabled person is the best way to lift your emergency plan to a higher level. Important points for drawing up such a personal plan you will find here.

A lot of organizations can advise you in the field of evacuation equipment. An expert can visit you on installation location, check out the situation and give professional advice.