Leave no one behind with S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress

Ready to use in 30 seconds. Can be used by almost anyone.

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Evacuatiematras S-CAPEPLUS

No maintenance contract

Protected against harmful bacteria

Ergonomic design to
avoid discomfort

No time waste on training

Prepare your organisation for an emergency evacuation.

Can you evacuate safely when disaster strikes?

Matras om personen te evacueren

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

To show you the incredible simplicity of evacuation mattress
S-CAPEPLUS, we want you to meet Guus. Guus is a 12-year old boy from Arnhem, The Netherlands. He is able to evacuate an adult by himself. Via the staircase.

You absolutely cannot miss this video. The time of spending hours on ‘evacuation device training’ is finally over.

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Stop spending hours on training.


1000+ organisations are using S-CAPEPLUS:

Gebruikers van evacuatie middelen

What is the philosophy behind
this device?

When an emergency happens and the people in your charge are confined to a wheelchair or are suffering from reduced mobility, it can be stressful and dangerous if your facility doesn’t have a plan to get them down a few flights of stairs and out of the building. Elevators should not be used during an evacuation.

That’s why we created the S-CAPEPLUS – a comfortable and easy-to-use evacuation mattress that can help you safely remove an immobile individual from a building in case of fire or other event.

Now it’s time for you to meet S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress.

Evacuatiematras voor mindervaliden

What are users saying?

“The S-CAPEPLUS is the perfect alternative for an evacuation chair.”

Leon van Leeuwen, Fire Control

“We are the first municipality in The Netherlands that will use evacuation mattress S-CAPEPLUS to evacuate citizens in case of an emergency. We mainly looked at the ease-of-use, but also the purchase price was a big advantage.”

I. Adriaanse, Gemeente Heeze Leende

“The S-CAPEPLUS is quick and ready-to-use in seconds. Also the flexibility when using the evacuation mattress is a big advantage.”

R. Koster, Prymos

“We used to have evacuation chairs, but most of our staff were not satisfied with the usage. S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress makes evacuating easily and all our staff members don’t find it heavy. After a short introduction that we do internally, everyone can use the evacuation mattress. We also practice laying on the mattress. The ‘victim’ feels safe and protected.”

L. Kelly, Land van Horne

It’s up to you.. Do you want to be prepared?
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Storage cabinet

Wall Cover Evac Mat

Storage cover
“Wall Cover”

Sign for Evacuation Mat

Evacuation mattress

Technology & features

Evacuatiestoel alternatief - S-CAPEPLUS

Anti bacterial

The cloth protects you against the harmful effects of bacteria.

Fire retardant

Produced with fire retardant cloth to enhance protection.

Weight & size

6 KG – 210 x 60 cm

Tensile strength

The pulling straps were safely tested up to 5000 KG.

Conformitée Européenne mark

Produced in alliance with the European law.

Comfortable and thick foam

Ensuring a safe evacuation without losing comfort.

Weight capacity

The maximum weight capacity is 200 KG / 440 lbs.

All specifications
Veilig evacueren met evacuatiematras

Ready to introduce S-CAPEPLUS in your building? It’s decision time.

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. When something happens, it’s likely that you need to leave the vulnerable person behind during the emergency evacuation. Is that really where you want to go?
Take a new action, and get a new result. Choose S-CAPEPLUS. Finally help your staff with their ‘evacuation problems’ and save lives.
You’ll get a system that does the job..

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Are you ready to start working with S-CAPEPLUS? In that case, don’t miss this eBook. ‘Saving lives with S-CAPEPLUS’ is immense popular among safety managers and users of the evacuation mattress.  This eBook is the ultimate and most practical step-by-step guide for your emergency response team. Discover the best techniques in ‘Saving lives with S-CAPEPLUS’.

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