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for evacuation mats

Storage cabinet

This storage cabinet for the ​S-CAPEPLUS​ Evacuation Mats provides high visibility, safe storage and immediate access to the evacuation equipment during an emergency situation.

Install on a strategic location

The storage cabinet should blend with the interior but at the same time offer complete accessibility in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Left or right. You decide.

The hinges on the inside of the cabinet can be used to open the door from the left or right side. This means that you can always open and close the door in the way you want.

Sturdy. Robust.

The cabinets are manufactured from 1,5 mm thick zinc-covered sheet steel, ensuring a rugged construction. After the cabinets are welded, they are fitted with a light primer and come standard with RAL9010 (white) structure lacquer.


Refined details


A shaped handle on the outside of the cabinet ensures that your cabinet opens and closes quickly and easily.


The door closes with a strong magnet.


You will find an instruction sticker of the evacuation mattress on the inside of the storage cabinet.


The evacuation mattress is secured in the storage cabinet by means of the hook and loop fasteners on the inside.


  • Size

    Width: 735 mm | Length: 945 mm | Depth: 280 mm
    Width: 28.94″ | Length: 37.20″ | Depth: 11.02″ inches

  • Material

    The cabinets are manufactured from 1,5 mm thick zinc-covered sheet steel

  • Colour

    RAL9010 – white – structure lacquer.

The storage cabinet with Evacuation Mat is used by different kind of organisations:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you also place the storage cabinet on the floor permanently?

    The advice is to mount this storage cabinet to the wall instead of putting it on the floor.

  • Can you hang this storage cabinet outdoors?

    No, the storage cabinet is not suitable to install outdoors.

  • How do you install the evacuation mattress inside storage cabinet?

    That is simple. Remove the evacuation mattress from the blue storage bag. You fold the evacuation mattress in half and can place it in the storage cabinet. This video will get you started:

  • Does the cabinet open right or left?

    This depends on your wishes. Before you order, you can indicate to the Tetcon team what you prefer and we will take into account in the production.

  • I want the cabinet in a different color, is that possible?

    That’s possible. Various RAL colors are available. The RAL9010 (white) is a standard color. If you want a specific color, for example in your house style, it is best to contact our colleagues at Tetcon. You can reach us via email info (at) tetcon-ge.com or by telephone on 040 298 99 55. Talk to you soon?

  • What are alternatives to the storage cabinet?

    You don’t have space for this kind of storage cabinet or are you looking for an alternative storage method? Each evacuation mattress comes standard in a blue carrying bag or you can place it in a green Wall Cover. You can easily hang the green Wall Cover on the wall. Here you can see the two differences:

    Pictogram met evacuatiematras

    S-CAPEPLUS in a blue carrying bag (standard)

    Dit is een evacuatiematras gemaakt en geleverd door Tetcon

    S-CAPEPLUS in a green Wall Cover (optional storage method)

The storage cabinet is suitable for: