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Storage cover for Evacuation Mats

Wall Cover

The Wall Cover is designed to store your S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress in a convenient location. It improves visibility in your building which will stimulate awareness and training.

Protect your Evacuation Mat when it’s not in use

When evacuating a care facility, company or hotel in an emergency, immobile individuals will require extra support to leave the building. An S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress should be in all multi-storey buildings, care homes, offices, hotels or hospitals – in fact anywhere where people’s safety is the responsibility of others. The Wall Cover for S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress will be attached to a wall in a convenient location for accessibility. With the Wall Cover you can ensure that your evacuation mattress is ready for immediate use during an emergency evacuation.

Print your logo onto the Wall Cover

Due to its recognisable colour, anyone knows that your building is equipped with this life-saving device. The Wall Cover comes with wall brackets and an installation guide. In a few simple steps, the Wall Cover can be attached to a wall. There is a possibility to print the name of your organisation onto the Wall Cover or change the existing print.

On this photo you see a personalised Wall Cover for pharmaceutical call MSD in Oss, The Netherlands.

Mounting the Wall Cover to your wall

With every Wall Cover you order, you get a free mounting set. This set consists of 4 screws, 4 Fischer plugs, and 8 washers.

You can find complete installation instructions here.


Fire Retardant. Forever.

The Wall Cover is made of a strong fire retardant fabric to ensure ultimate protection for your residents and staff members. It's been safely tested to standard DIN4102-1 Class B1 & B2.

Easy to clean

Does your Wall Cover need to be cleaned? No problem, you can clean it with a disinfectant wipe or place it in the washing machine.

Increase visibility

Increase the visibility of evacuation equipment in your building with the Wall Cover. This will ensure that staff members can act immediately when an emergency strikes.

Spotted inside buildings


Fontys University of Applied Sciences has installed evacuation mattresses at all locations.


This S-CAPEPLUS is installed in a hotel in Sweden.


This evacuation mattress can be found in the stairwells of the GZA hospital in Antwerp, Belgium.


These evacuation mats are personalised with ASML print.


You can also find the Wall Cover with evacuation mattress in the emergency staircases of the GZA hospital.


  • Article number


  • Material

    Polyester & PU

  • Size

    100x60x17 cm

  • Weight

    500 gram

  • Fire retardancy standard

    DIN4102-1 Class B1 & B2

  • Suitable for these type of Evacuation Mats

    S-CAPEPLUS Basic Model & S-CAPEPLUS Premium Model. A custom size is available for the Youth Model.

Highly-advanced material

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  • 02

A polyurethane layer is applied to the inside of the Wall Cover. This ensures watertightness and smoothness so that you can easily get the evacuation mattress into your Wall Cover.

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  • 02
These organizations also installed an evacuation mattress with Wall Cover:

Installing the Wall Cover in minutes

This video shows how to mount the Wall Cover for the S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mats to the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you attach the Wall Cover to the wall?

    Use this manual if you want to attach the Wall Cover to the wall. This is a step-by-step guide you can use for the assembly.

  • How do you place the evacuation mattress in the Wall Cover?

    Use this video when you are going to place the evacuation mattress in the Wall Cover:



  • How will the evacuation mattress be delivered if I do not order a Wall Cover?

    Your S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress comes standard in a blue carrying bag. The Wall Cover is an optional choice, but is almost always chosen by users of the evacuation mattress. This increases the visibility of the evacuation device in your building.

    Pictogram met evacuatiematras

  • Is the material fire retardant?

    Yes, the Wall Cover is fire retardant. The material complies and has been safely tested for DIN4102-1 Class B1 & B2.

The Wall Cover fits these evacuation mats: