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27 / 11 / 2018

All-new Bodypod takes flight

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Tetcon today introduced an all-new Bodypod bringing an easy-to-clean material, easy-to-use carry handles and a new design to the transfer mattress for body removal services. 

Due to the new material, the Bodypod is now much easier to clean. The inside is made of a PU cover, this is water repellent which means that a worker can easily clean the device with a detergent. Also the colour is changed. First we used a fabric in marine blue, but now it is made from a black material. By adding carry handles to the side of the Bodypod, it becomes easier to transfer someone to a stretcher or brancard. 

“With the Bodypod, we are able to reduce the physical strain for workers in the body removal services. The strain of unnecessary lifting became part of the past,” said Piet Hezemans, Tetcon’s managing director.

“Redesigning Bodypod started with a choosing a new material that would better suit the norms from an aestethical point of view. Then we added extra features to the design that would benefit the user, such as carry handles. By doing so, we want to reduce the physical strain for workers even further. Due to the PU material on the lying position, it’s now easier to clean the Bodypod after it is being used. You do not need to put it into the washing machine everytime when it is contaminated with body fluids. The bottom side and the feet flap are now made from Dyneema®. Dyneema® is the world’s strongest fiber and 15 times stronger than steel. These are features that a whole new generation of Bodypod users are going to like.”

Check out the video below to learn more: