Simplifying in-house removals
for funeral services

Transfer mattress for body removal services

The story behind Bodypod

In 2016, Dela Funeral Transport tested S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress to transfer a corpse on a steep, winding staircase. This was a situation in which a stretcher would have proved impossible to use. It was quickly discovered that the evacuation mattress wasn’t in the least bit suitable for a deceased. This experience inspired us to find a solution. Our goal was to develop a reliable transfer device that prevents physical strain for employees. In addition, we wanted to be able to move the deceased in a humane way. We adapted the evacuation mattress and thus Bodypod was born. We’re now on a mission:
‘Reduce lifting and physical strain for the funeral service employee.’

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Bodypod for body removal services

Reduce absenteeism and physical injuries with Bodypod

The worst thing about regular transfer tools in the funeral service industry is that you need to lift them.
This is why so many workers in the body removal industry have to deal with physical strain,
especially when you need to use the stairs.

Transfer mattress Bodypod for body removal services

A thick foam mattress protects the deceased

Nieuw hulpmiddel voor uitvaartdienst: de Bodypod

Compact. Simple. Anti-bacterial.

By fixing the body to the firm foam mattress, you can move the deceased in a humane way – even through narrow passages
or down steep or winding stairs, which is often the most stressful part of the job.

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Worldwide distribution of Bodypod for body removal service

Worldwide distribution

No matter where you’re located, we can send you Bodypod.

AOMB houdt patent van Bodypod


Bodypod is covered by patent.
The patent is registered at patent office AOMB Eindhoven.


Bodypod is produced with powerful yarns and a water repellent PU coating. As a result, Bodypod is super easy to clean.

Bodypod surpasses everything that’s available.

A transfer tool that not only does its job, Bodypod surpasses everything else that’s available.
Two people can use Bodypod, thanks to its simple concept.
It’s a highly effective and practical for every employee in the body removal industry.

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Technical specifications

Packed size 60x40x60 cm
Size flaps closed: 60×210 cm
Weight: 6 Kilogram
Material outside cover: PU Polyester & Dyneema®
Material foam mattress: SG30 foam
Function of yarns: Water repellent
Can be purchased separately: Outside cover, foam mattress, head strap
Laundry instructions: Machine wash 60 degrees, wash seperately, tumble dry on low temperature, do not iron, do not bleach, no chemical cleaning