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Slide Sheet

Body Slider

Body Slider is designed to minimise injuries whilst moving or transferring people.

Safe people movement using the Body Slider method

The Body Slider will help you to prevent physical strain when moving, turning or transferring a person on the bed. Without the assistance of equipment, this takes a lot of strength and effort, which can result into back injuries. With the Body Slider you’re able to reduce discomfort and injuries in your day-to-day job.

Place underneath the hip or back

After you’ve placed the person on his/her side, you can place the Body Slider next to the person. Now place the Body Slider underneath the person. Preferably underneath the hip or back

Transfers made easy

Once the person lays on the Body Slider, you will be able to transfer the person to your direction.

Smooth structure due to silicone layer


It all comes down to Body Slider's smooth structure. A silicone layer has been applied to create a proper flow while sliding.

Designed in collaboration with ergonomic specialists

A slide sheet can make a big difference to control the physical load in caregiving. That is why Body Sliders are used by countless organizations in different industries:


Funeral industry

Home care

Senior living


  • Article number


  • GTIN


  • Model name

    Body Slider Slide Sheet

  • Size

    90×145 cm / 35,5″ x 57,1″ inches

  • Material

    95% polyester / 5% siliconen

  • Cleaning and maintenance

    In the washing machine:

    60 degrees Celsius, dry on low temperature, iron on low temperature, no chemical cleaning, do not bleach

  • Guarantee

    All Body Sliders come with a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and production, which is valid from the date of purchase. Improper use, improper maintenance, vandalism, product modifications or accidents are not covered by the warranty.

Combine with the Bodypod

Use the Body Slider to transfer the deceased from bed to the Bodypod without you needing to lift. This will the reduce the physical stress on your back, muscles, and joints.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you place the Body Slider in the washing machine?

    The Body Slider can be machine laundered. Do not use fabric softener. To ensure maximum material life, hang dry or tumble dry on low heat.

  • When should I replace the Body Slider?

    Check the condition and function of the Body Slider regularly. Check to ensure that the fabric is not worn or faded. If there are signs of wear and tear, the product must be replaced.

  • What kind of material is used for the Body Slider?

    Polyester & silicons

  • What's the size of the Body Slider?

    Body Slider’s size is: 90×145 cm

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