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for Bodypod & S-CAPEPLUS Premium

Head Support System

The Head Support is designed to provide extra stability to the head and neck.

Attach to the Bodypod Transfer Mat

The Head Support System will provide extra stability to the head of the deceased.

Attach to the S-CAPEPLUS Premium

If you want to level up your S-CAPEPLUS Premium, you can easily replace the 4 head blocks that are standard on the S-CAPEPLUS Premium with this Head Support System.

Head Support System: three parts

To make storage and transport of the Head Support System as compact as possible, the System contains of three separate parts: two foam sections and an attachment base.


  • Article number


  • Model name

    Head Support – Blue

  • Material

    PU Polyester

  • Weight

    1 KG

  • Cleaning and maintenance

    Use a wipe and disinfectant to clean the Head Support System.
    Do not use high-pressure water!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you attach the Head Support System to the Bodypod or S-CAPEPLUS Premium?

    On the backside of the Head Support System, you can find hook and loop fasteners. You can easily attach the System on the head section on both products.

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