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02 / 12 / 2020

Tetcon launches innovative Bariatric Evacuation Mat for safe evacuation of larger-sized patients

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Tetcon has come with a new advanced Bariatric Evacuation Mat which is strategically designed to ensure safe evacuation of larger-sized patients and also prevent manual handling injury risks for carers.

The Netherlands, December 2, 2020: Evacuation Equipment company Tetcon is pleased to announce the launch of their new innovative Bariatric S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mat which is especially designed to ensure safe escape of overweight patients during emergency situations. Backed by cutting-edge design and technology, the advanced Bariatric Evacuation mattress is equipped to handle people up to 881 lbs or 400 kg.

One of the unique buying reasons of the evac mat is its superior thick and firm foam which is around 7 cm thick and infused with advanced shock-absorbent technology. The heavy thickness and shock-absorbent properties of the foam empower the evacuation mat to optimally absorb shocks experienced while evacuating a larger sized individual. Besides, Bariatric S-CAPEPLUS can be carried by multiple individuals to make the escape process easier, especially during vertical and horizontal evacuation.

“Per the WHO estimations, around 650 million people around the world are obese. Among the many challenges faced with care for overweight patients, a major one is evacuation of larger-sized people during unforeseen emergencies. Regular evacuation mats can’t provide adequate support needed to carry overweight patients and it becomes extremely risky to  carry them on regular mats especially during emergency situations in hospital facilities, obesity clinics or senior living homes. Moreover, it even exposes the carers of larger-sized patients to serious manual handling injury risks. With obesity on rise, there is a growing demand for evacuation mats especially designed to carry overweight patients. And this is where our state-of-the-art Bariatric S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mat will come to your rescue”, stated Piet Hezemans from Tetcon.

According to further statements of Piet Hezemans, the launch of the new Bariatric Evacuation Mat amid the current pandemic era is especially relevant because larger-sized individuals are more prone to COVID-19 risks. If they are hospitalised, hospital and care home managers would need a proper plan to help them escape in an emergency.

The bottom of the mattress is made from the world’s “strongest” fiber called “Dyneema”. It boosts the strength and durability of the overall evacmat as well as reduces resistance while sliding. It also makes it easier to slide the patient down a flight of stairs safely. The body flaps also come with fire-retardant properties.

“The evacuation device is intelligently designed to provide optimum support possible to protect the person on it while going down. Added to its sturdy structure, our innovative Bariatric S-CAPEPLUS also comes with overlapping body straps that help the patient to retain extra body heat. Besides, there are extra-long pulling straps on the foot end, head end and longitudinal sides that allow frontrunners to pull the mat standing upright. Our bariatric evacuation mat is designed with an ergonomic approach to protect carers from manual handling injury risks.”

Top features of Bariatric S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mat that you can’t miss:

  • Unique evac mat design offers comprehensive support for bariatric evacuation
  • Super-thick and shock absorbent mattress foam especially designed to ensure successful bariatric evacuation
  • The bottom side is made with world’s strongest fiber Dyneema
  • Positioning straps placed around legs and torso to ensure patient remains in the centre of evacuation mat
  • Ergonomic design to protect carers from manual handling injury risks
  • Adjustable footboard prevents risks of patients sliding down from evacuation mat during vertical evacuation
  • The Evacuation Mat can also be lifted with longitudinal handles, if needed

For more information, please visit this page and watch the video below: