Evacuation mattress test: 19 stories in 9 minutes

To show the durability and speed of the evacuation mattress (basic model of S-CAPEPLUS), Tetcon conducted a test inside Blok 59, Eindhoven. This year - many resellers, customers and partners were asking us: "How long does it take to descend via a X number of staircases with the S-CAPEPLUS evac mattress?" To be honest, we could not give a solid answer. Every building, every staircase, every user and every victim is different. All these 'factors' have an effect on that time. Anyhow, we wanted to show evidence how quickly you can descend during a vertical evacuation. Therefore, we decided to do an evac mattress test in a multi-storey building (19 floors) [...]

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SAWO exhibition in Poznan, Poland

You could find us at the SAWO exhibition (Poznan, Poland) on 24th, 25th and 26th of April. We went to the exhibition together with Pawel Mazowski from 4Care Poland. 4Care is distributing Tetcon's evacuation sheets and evacuation mattresses inside Poland. It's always a special moment to do an exhibition with a partner. Therefore, we want to say thank you to 4Care and Pawel for his support and enthusiasm.  Check out the photos below: Do you want to know more about these evacuation aids and how they can help you organisation? Please contact us for more information.

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KIMES 2018 – Seoul, South Korea

Piet Hezemans is currently in South Korea to assist our distributor during the Kimes exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. At the end of last year we came into contact with John Kim, he’s the managing director of Rex International. John saw opportunities to introduce the S-CAPEPOD evacuation sheet and S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress in South Korea, where his company is based. Why? In recent years, there have been many fires in healthcare institutions throughout the country. Recently there was a big fire in a healthcare facility in Miryang. Due to his interest and the rising need for evacuation equipment in the country, we have decided to enter into a [...]

A big step for S-CAPEPLUS: Introducing S-CAPEPLUS Premium

Tetcon worked for almost 1,5 year on a new evacuation mattress. The result? The S-CAPEPLUS Premium. Here you can read and see everything on how this new evacuation device came about. It was 2016, when we were approached by a couple of companies from the industry asking us if we could create an alternative to the well-known evacuation chair. We already had that, namely the evacuation mattress S-CAPEPLUS. After a number of tests, we got asked whether changes could be made to the current model of the S-CAPEPLUS, so that it could be applied to the industry. Companies often have to deal with perforated stairs, both inside and [...]

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Turkish hospital conducts massive fire drill

This article is written by Ufuk Gunciner, Tumedin. Izmir, Turkey. In October 2017, Dr. Suat Seren Chest & Thoracic Surgery Education Research Hospital organised a massive fire drills whereby they were using evacuation equipment for their bedridden patients. To make sure that all staff knew about the new devices, the hospital in Izmir installed them on the bedframes prior to the start of the drill. The Izmir Fire Department was in charge of the fire drill. Before the fire drill started, the entire staff, firefighters and volunteers were briefed about the scenario. A nurse had to start the evacuation after pressing the alarm button, after she found out that there [...]

Video: school kids are applying rescue skills

Meet Guus and Tibbe from Arnhem. These ‘evacuation mattress heroes’ will show you how easy it is to evacuate a wounded person during an emergency. You may not be realising this, but there are about 300 school fires in the Netherlands each year. This is true: 300! Vandalism is often the cause. In the US, there is an estimated average of 5100 fires in educational properties. If all or some children are at school when a fire starts, all students must evacuate and go outside as soon as possible. With these numbers, evacuation safety becomes an important focus for schools. In multi-storey schools, it is also important to consider good [...]

5 tips on evacuation management – by a lecturer fire prevention

“When there is a fire, the fire brigade is going to evacuate”. Some safety managers and fire wardens work according to this strategy. There seems to be some confusion amongst fire wardens about evacuations and the role that the fire brigade plays during an evacuation. The fire brigade does acknowledge that these people play a crucial role during the first minutes of an emergency. Who better than René Hagen, lecturer in fire safety & prevention at the Netherlands Fire Service, to answer important questions around this topic. We spoke to René Hagen on the phone and had a conversation with him about evacuating healthcare institutions. From this interview, we have drafted [...]

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Travel report: Wow! Tetcon in Tokyo

Tokyo. The capital city of Japan. It's the country of kimonos, sushi and temples. Beautiful landscapes, huge cities and fresh powder snow. Japan has a lot to offer. Unfortunately, the country needs to deal with many natural disasters from time-to-time. This includes typhoons, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and vulcanic eruptions. A famous example is the deadly tsunami in 2011. Because of these natural disasters, there is more and more focus on risk management.  We travelled to Tokyo in October. We had many conversations with safety professionals and shared information about 'evacuation policies in The Netherlands' in order to learn from each other. Besides that, we had the possibility to give 'evacuation training [...]

How to place an evacuation mattress inside the Wall Cover?

“How do you place the S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress inside the Wall Cover?” It's funny. Many customers were calling us with this question. We try to explain the installation process through the phone, but this was not so easy after all. Explaining via the phone is not so convenient. So we thought 'how can we make this process super easy for existing and future customers?' Eventually, a video was found to be the best option. Wall Covers are commonly found inside buildings. It is used to protect against dust and dirt. Also, it is used to highlight the location of the evacuation mattress. The large identification symbol on the Wall Cover identifies [...]

Lee Wilson: The Accessible Exit Sign Project and Safer Buildings

In this article, we are sharing the Lee Wilson's story from Australia. He's the founder of the 'Accessible Exit Sign Project' that he started in 2014. Recent legislative changes in Australian have introduced more equitable access to and within commercial buildings. Similar changes to disability and human rights laws are occurring globally, and the world is becoming more accessible. However, the movement to provide accessible and inclusive built environments is failing to extend to the area of emergency egress. Therefore, the concept of ‘egressability’ must go hand-in- hand with accessibility. It implies that everyone has an equal right to life safety during an emergency, and whilst the method of emergency egress [...]

Mike Elkerton MBE: “These serious issues need to be addressed”

Introducing Mike Elkerton MBE (CEO Access & Evacu8 Ltd & Chair of the NW England Access Association) He is the Disability Advisor for IKEA (UK) Ltd, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Gulliver’s Theme Parks and the INTU Trafford Centre in Manchester. After 23 years of giving advice and guidance for greater access to the built environment he and his company are now concentrating on a new system to help disabled people with wayfinding and more importantly evacuation in the case of an emergency. In 2016 Mike Elkerton was made a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE), by Her Majesty the Queen of England for his work in [...]