Saving the life of a patient during an emergency.

Within 30 seconds a bedridden patient can be brought to safety with this life-saving evacuation device.

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Improving patient safety in healthcare

There’s a fire in your department. Everyone is panicking. You need to evacuate. A bedridden patient needs your help. In this type of emergency situation, speed and simplicity are of the utmost importance. In order to tackle this scenario in an effective way, and bring the patient quickly to safety, we developed the evacuation sheet, the S-CAPEPOD. We created this tool at the request of a psychiatric hospital in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. They encountered a challenge, as an evacuation with beds would completely block hallways and limit access to the stairwell. A unique sheet design was chosen for the S-CAPEPOD. The sheet is permanently mounted between the frame of the bed and the mattress. By means of flaps, which you can pull around the mattress, you can encompass the patient in the evacuation sheet while still on the mattress. Within 30 seconds, the patient is ready for an evacuation. Now you can move the patient with ease. The mattress provides optimal support and protection for the patient.

Permanently under the mattress. Instantly accessible.

Those responsible for providing rescue assistance are able to act extremely quick with the S-CAPEPOD. A clever evacuation aid that really works!

Among these healthcare institutions are already using the S-CAPEPOD

Ideal for vertical and horizontal evacuation. Anti-bacterial finish. 

No belts or straps. Extremely strong polyester. Washable very easily.

Technical specifications

Packed size: 40 cm x 30 cm
Size under mattress: 210 x 84 cm
Size with flaps open: 310 x 260 cm
Mattress Sizes: Width: 080-090 cm | Max length: 210 cm
Weight: 1100 gram
Material used: Fire retardant Trevira CS polyester with anti-bacterial finish
Maximum carrying weight: 120-150 kilogram, depends on body size
Suitable for bariatric evacuation No, you will need the Bariatric S-CAPEPOD
Length pulling strap headend: 142 centimeter
Length pulling strap feet end: 190 centimeter
Length pulling straps: circa 100 centimeter
Elastics on head end S-CAPEPOD: Yes, 2, these are fixed to the headend of the mattress
Laundry instructions: 60 degrees, dry on low temperature, do not iron, no chemical cleaning, do not bleach, do not use washing-powder with fabric softener
Being tested by : TUV
Mandatory confirmity marking: CE