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Getting started with S-CAPEPLUS Premium: Video tutorials

The S-CAPEPLUS Premium is designed to rescue immobile individuals during an emergency evacuation. It can be used for a horizontal and vertical evacuation. The back side and feet section is created with the world’s strongest fiber, Dyneema®. This fiber is 15 times stronger than steel. It contains head blocks to fixate the head and a card board at the feet end to stabilise the weight. The Premium Model is used by many organisations that have perforated staircases. It’s also a great tool to use during training sessions. Organisations often choose a combination between the Basic & Premium version of S-CAPEPLUS.

Please check out the tutorials of this evacuation mat and learn more..

See how easy it is, then try it yourself.

Introduction video of S-CAPEPLUS Premium

In this video you will learn why the evacuation device was developed and what the differences are between the Basic and the Premium model.

How to fixate the yellow strap

This tutorial shows you how to fixate the yellow strap. Place the yellow strap around the waist. Preferably underneath the rib cage.

Fixate the yellow strap as tight as possible. This tutorial shows you the way.

You can use this technique for the Basic & Premium Model of Evac Mattress S-CAPEPLUS.

How to reduce physical strain while moving to a point of safety

This tutorial shows you how to reduce physical strain while towing the person to a place of safety.

You can use this technique for all other products of the S-CAPE Evacuation Equipment.

For your own safety, do not use this technique on the stairs.

How to use the body flaps

In this tutorial you will learn to firmly fixate the flaps of S-CAPEPLUS Evac Mattress to ensure the safety of a victim.

It is advised to fixate the flaps as tight as possible. Always place the arms underneath the flaps!

You can use this technique for both models of Evac Mattress S-CAPEPLUS.