Rescue & Extinguish

A life-saving sheet that
let’s you do both

Retmex Will Help You Save Lives

Evacuatiematras S-CAPEPLUS

How It Works

If you put your life on the line to rescue other people, Retmex is for you.

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Designed For Critical Emergency Situations

In emergency situations, time is critical.
Initially designed for fire fighters, Retmex can help you in all kinds of emergencies.

Evacuation sledge


Retmex Rescue Sheet - For Firefighters

Terrorist Attacks

House fires Retmex Rescue Sheets

House Fires

Retmex Gun Shootings


Natural disaster Retmex

Natural Disasters

Evacuate Victims

Retmex gives responders the capability to secure
and quickly evacuate patients from a dangerous scene.

Retmex Rescue Sheet - For Firefighters
Retmex Rescue Sheet - For Firefighters

Prevent Secondary Injuries

A rapid evacuation often becomes a key link for survival.
Inappropriate extraction has the potential to damage victims and cause serious injuries.
For example, during house fires.

Extinguish Flames

Inherently flame resistant, Nomex® makes it possible
to use the Retmex to help extinguish flames.
For example, when a person’s clothing is on fire.

Retmex - Rescue Sheet / Fire Blanket
Retmex Rescue Sheet - For Firefighters

Clip It

Use the carabiner to clip the Retmex to
your clothing or other parts of your gear.
This makes transport quick and easy.

Unique. In Every Detail.

Retmex is designed with exceptional materials:
Nomex®, Kevlar®, retro-reflective straps & highly advanced webbing

Evacuation sledge

Flame & heat resistant

With Nomex at its base, Retmex is inherently flame & heat resistant.


Powerful protection

The Retmex also contains powerful Kevlar® yarns.

Infant & baby evacuation

Highly advanced webbing

Highly advanced & fire retardant webbing provides extra strength.

Infant & baby evacuation

Retro reflective straps

The retro reflective straps ensure visibility in the dark.

This 2-in-1 Rescue Solution Is One Of A Kind

The Retmex – Nomex® Model is not just an enhancement but a real revolution,
where the best possible protection for rescue teams AND victims are concerned.

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Retro Reflective Straps

Retro reflective straps ensure visibility in the dark
or in areas filled with smoke.

Retmex - Rescue Sheet / Fire Blanket
Retmex - Rescue Sheet / Fire Blanket

Fixation Buckles

Secure the victim using the buckles
on the longitudinal sides of the Retmex.

The Feet Section

The feet section creates stability when evacuating a victim.
This is especially beneficial when going down a flight of stairs.

Retmex - Rescue Sheet / Fire Blanket

Technology & Features

Retmex - Rescue Sheet


Nomex®, Kevlar®

Flame & heat resistant

These fire tests are applied to the fabric:
EN531, ISO/FDIS 11612, EN 469

Weight & size

1,5 KG – 200 x 78 cm

Tensile strength

The pulling straps were safely tested up to 400 KG.

Abrasion resistance

>50.000 cycles

Machine washable

60 degrees (Celsius), no chemical cleaning, do not bleach

Weight capacity

The maximum weight capacity is 250 KG / 550 lbs.

Veilig evacueren met evacuatiematras

Are you ready to use Retmex? It’s decision time.

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing or make Retmex part of your rescue kit.
With Retmex, you’ll be sure that you can conquer the most criticual evacuation scenarios.
Take a new action, and get a new result. Choose Retmex.
You’ll get a system that leaves no one behind.

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