You should never choose an S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress. Here’s why:

Choosing for an S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattres is not a good idea. Why not? We are mapping out a few reasons.

1. Can be used on all types of stairs

Compact staircases, steep staircases, straight flight staircases. Right, you can use the evacuation mattress on any kind of staircase. We see you thinking, what’s the benefit…. You would rather have an evacuation device that can be used on one type of staircase.

2. Extremely easy and fast to use


An evacuation aid should be difficult and slow in use. It’s an emergency…

3. The evacuation mattress is washable

Yes, you can take off the outside cover and put it in the washing machine.

4. Suits all emergency plans

An evacuation aid should be applicable for only one evacuation plan. The S-CAPEPLUS can be used in hotels, hospitals, high-rise buildings and public buildings. A bit too much, don’t you think??

5. Recommended by safety expertsword-of-mouthMany safety experts are recommending the S-CAPEPLUS in this section. Why would we listen to them?

6. Only available in marine blue


We bet you would like to have the evacuation mattress in fancy colours. Marine blue… A bit passé don’t you think?

Not familair with the S-CAPEPLUS yet? Watch video here.

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