Mounting the Wall Cover for the S-CAPEPLUS to the wall

Instructies voor de installatie van de Wall Cover voor het sleepmatras S-CAPEPLUS

Step 1: Take the Wall Cover and the evacuation sledge S-CAPEPLUS out of the box.

Step 2: Select a strategic place where the evacuation mattress in the Wall Cover can be mounted. Make sure it is within sight. Fix the screws or mounting bracket into the wall.

Step 3: Take the S-CAPEPLUS out of the carrying bag (skip this step when you received the evacuation device without a carrying bag).

Step 4: Open up all flaps. Untie the positioning band as well. Start by folding the flap open the foot end. Then fold the right & left flap open. The S-CAPEPLUS is now lying open on the floor.

Now, first fold the flap at the foot end onto the evacuation mattress. Then place the right flap back onto the evacuation device. Finally, put back the left flap onto the S-CAPEPLUS Make sure that the hook and loop fasteners do not touch each other. Thanks to this folding method, the S-CAPEPLUS is immediately deployable for use, and you do not need to loosen the flaps from the hook and loop fasteners.

Step 5: Now make a double-fold with the S-CAPEPLUS.

Step 6: Make sure the pull loops always hang on the outside and place them inside the Wall Cover. The closed end is placed at the bottom of the Wall Cover.

Step 7: Close the flap aperture of the Wall Cover. Now, the S-CAPEPLUS is always ready for use during an emergency evacuation.

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