University Hospital Ghent installs 916 S-CAPEPODs under the beds

UZ Gent kiest voor evacuatiedoek S-CAPEPOD - horizontaal en verticaal evacueren

Ghent University Hospital has recently replaced its 916 existing evacuation sleds with S-CAPEPODs. For years, the Belgian academic hospital has been conducting a strict preventive policy in the field of fire safety. The S-CAPEPODS are now permanently fixed underneath the patients’ mattresses to increase evacuation speed during a potential disaster. Going with these evacuation devices wasn’t an easy choice. On the contrary, prior to the decision, a rigorous selection procedure took place.

Meanwhile, there actually are a lot of available tools on the market that focus on the evacuation of bedridden clients. To make a specific choice, the hospital in Ghent performed extensive research. Their choice was based on several criteria such as: ease of use, fluency in use, cost, required training time, maintenance, anti-bacterial, set-up convenience, audiences, comfort, speed of evacuation and minimum physical stress for the caretaker.

Ultimately, the S-CAPEPOD pulled the longest string out of the three last remaining candidates and was chosen by security experts at the hospital.

How does the evacuation sheet S-CAPEPOD work? Watch the video right here.

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