This is how you should be using the evacuation sheet S-CAPEPOD

A little extra help while using the evacuation device like S-CAPEPOD can come in handy. To help you with this, we have recorded an instructional video for you. This will be useful for upcoming training sessions. You can look at the video as a guideline to simplify the use of the evacuation sheet. During the development of the S-CAPEPOD, the focus was on one thing: “Everyone should be able to use the evacuation device for bedridden patients”. With everyone we really mean everyone. You and your staff should be comfortable with using the device and therefore training is required. By clicking on the YouTube image above, you will be able to play the video.

The video has been made at the end of December last year (2015). We were attending an evacuation drill at a healthcare institution in La Guiche, France. There we had the possibility to record the use of the S-CAPEPOD step by step. We were also able to practice and record certain usage scenarios for you. It’s always possible that the construction of the building or the planned evacuation plan is different from your next door neighbour’s.

What is the S-CAPEPOD?

It’s possible that you are not yet familiar with an evacuation blanket like the S-CAPEPOD. We have developed this evacuation device to evacuate bedridden clients in a fast and effective way. You need to evacuate in case of a fire, power outage, gas leak and many other cases that could be caused in many ways. On average, you will need 30 seconds to prepare a client for evacuation with the S-CAPEPOD.

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