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This is what Tetcon's Equipment has done for others

Users of our equipment are the center of our universe and that's why your feedback is so important to us. Here you will find inspiration on what the evacuation and transfer equipment has done for users around the globe and how it can help your organisation as well. Read the reviews below.

The evacuation equipment are very simple and obvious to use. As the instructions are laid out step by step on the means themselves you cannot go wrong. People who previously had received an explanation of an exercise started using the equipment without any refreshment and this went without saying.

The evacuation mattresses on the administrative services in the stairwells are also top notch. That way, nobody will be put in the position of making the choice whether to leave a less mobile colleague behind.

I often compare an evacuation via the stairs with a loaded women’s handbag, instead of it being heavier, it’s surprisingly light and comfortable to use.”

Cindy Kouwijzer - Health and safety - GZA Hospitals, Antwerp

The S-CAPEPOD Evacuation System is the fastest, easiest and most comfortable I've seen.

D. Fortin - Beauceville Fire Fighters, Quebec, Canada

The Sint-Maartenskliniek decided to equip al their 265 beds with an S-CAPEPOD. There are comparable products on the market, but the S-CAPEPOD fulfilled all the requirements. We also find it important that the S-CAPEPOD is always positioned underneath the mattress and that everyone knows that it is there. Comfort for patients was also of major importance, especially because we are dealing with patients with posture and movement problems, we need to transport our patients in a stable way. Last but not least, you can also transport someone downstairs with the S-CAPEPOD® in case that is needed.

Bolhuis - Head of Security, Sint Maartens Clinic

“I experienced the effectiveness and simplicity of the Bariatric S-CAPEPOD on several occasions. I am very enthusiastic, but it also gives me great peace of mind that it’s now available for bariatric patients. During the development, Tetcon also really thought about how to make it as comfortable as possible for the users and that they do not need to be afraid during the evacuation of bariatric individuals. The Bariatric S-CAPEPOD is a very effective tool that can save lives.”

Jos Blik - Chairman, Dutch Obesity Foundation

Ariëns Zorgpalet purchased 75 S-CAPEPOD’s to evacuate bedridden patients in case of emergencies. This has to be done very fast, very easy and with as few people as possible. One of the questions that Hans Jansen (Safety Expert) was dealing with was ‘How can we transport bedridden clients very fast and easy in case of emergencies?’. For this matter, Ariëns Zorgpalet decided to purchase 75 S-CAPEPOD’s that are ideal for this kind of situations.

Hans Jansen - Emergency Response Manager, Ariëns Zorgpalet, Senior Living

At Severinus, we find the safety of our patients important. This evacuation sheet under the mattress is a very easy system, after 1 training you know immediately how it works. It works quickly and safely.

Carlijn - Nurse, Severinus (Disability Care)