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This is what Tetcon's Equipment has done for others

Users of our equipment are the center of our universe and that's why your feedback is so important to us. Here you will find inspiration on what the evacuation and transfer equipment has done for users around the globe and how it can help your organisation as well. Read the reviews below.

At first, the nurses of our hospital felt slightly uncomfortable until they were practiced briefly. After the first demo (and trying, by lying on the mattresses themselves), all users are really satisfied and indicate that they actually dare to use the evacuation mattress during an evacuation. Fortunately, we have not yet had to use the equipment in a real situation.

After some hesitation before practice and certainly before sliding down the stairs on the mattresses, the nurses experience the vertical evacuation in fact as “boring”, they hardly even feel the stairs treads. “Six Flags Amusement Parc is more exciting…”, they said.

R. Nefs - Emergency Response Manager - Máxima MC

Thanks to its practical features, this evacuation mattress can even be used by one responder. Of course several responders is better, but when in doubt, one person is sufficient. Moreover, "the victim" is always safe and he / she can be evacuated both vertically and horizontally.

Heinz Lippe - Health and Safety Manager

The evacuation equipment are very simple and obvious to use. As the instructions are laid out step by step on the means themselves you cannot go wrong. People who previously had received an explanation of an exercise started using the equipment without any refreshment and this went without saying.

The evacuation mattresses on the administrative services in the stairwells are also top notch. That way, nobody will be put in the position of making the choice whether to leave a less mobile colleague behind.

I often compare an evacuation via the stairs with a loaded women’s handbag, instead of it being heavier, it’s surprisingly light and comfortable to use.”

Cindy Kouwijzer - Health and safety - GZA Hospitals, Antwerp

The S-CAPEPLUS is the perfect alternative for the evacuation chair. It is a safe and easy evacuation aid, which is comfortable for the rescue worker and the victim. The S-CAPEPLUS has our full support, thanks to its user friendliness and the safety it provides.

Leon van Leeuwen - Head of training, Fire Control

Piet Hezemans gave a demo on 2 Philips locations. The first was a group of prevention managers at the head office of Philips Lighting at the High Tech Campus. It was nice to see how a group of (higher) safety experts were surprised by the ease and speed of the S-CAPEPLUS to evacuate victims and / or immobile individuals. The 2nd demo was in the office of the Philips building in Boschdijk in Eindhoven where the BHV, after seeing the demo could try them self how the evacuation mattress worked in practice. they were excited and practiced both as a victim on the mattress and as BHV for the evacuation of the victim. Both demos, users were very positive about the ease of use for the evacuation procedures and comfort for the victim on the mattress. Meanwhile the 1st mattresses have already been ordered for a Philips plant.

Jan Bekkers - Health and Safety manager, Philips Benelux

Gemeente Heeze-Leende is the first municipality in The Netherlands that chooses the S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress to evacuate citizens in case of emergencies. We paid attention to user friendliness, but also the price of the evacuation mattress was a big advantage. Evacuation chairs are often used in case of emergencies, but these are actually scary and unhandy, especially when you have to go down the stairs. We find it important to treat our visitors in a safe and friendly manner, that is why we have chosen for the S-CAPEPLUS!

Ilka Adriaans - Emergency Response Coordinator

Previously, we had the evacuation chair, but we experienced too many flaws in the use. S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress makes evacuation easily and quickly and isn't badly perceived by anyone. After simple instruction, our employees can practice independently. They also practice lying. The 'victim' feels safe and is protected. Once brought to safety this lightweight evacuation mattress goes back up the stairs to evacuate the next patient. After using the S-CAPE PLUS mattress many times, it is still as good as new! It's hard-wearing and durable material. We value this.

L. Kelly - First aid specialist, Land van Horne Senior Living