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At Severinus, we are committed and find the safety of our clients important. This evacuation sheet is a very easy system, after 1 exercise you know immediately how it works. It works quick and safe.
Carlijn, nurse, Severinus
We use the evacuation blankets in all places where we can not leave the bedroom with the bed and we train with the blankets during evacuation drills. We also have some evacuation mattresses. We are content in the use of them.
Theo Besselink, Security manager, Elver
I am very pleased with this product. You can quickly and easily slip someone of the bed and down the stairs.

The instructors of BHV.NL find it a solution. they have the Experience how it is to be transported in this way, is very fine. It works quickly and effectively.
Manager Training, BHV.nl
We got in touch with Tetcon in autumn 2014 and we’ve start distributing their evacuation sheets (S-CAPEPOD and S-CAPEPLUS) in Canada. They are very professional and they offer a very prompt service all the time.The most important thing is that the evacuation sheet is a very good one! We did a lot of tests and demonstrations and our clients love them completely! It is a very good product, it is a very useful one and it has a very affordable price! Thanks Tetcon for your great invention!
Luca Laurentiu, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Révolution Santé
Ariëns Zorgpalet purchased 75 S-CAPEPOD’s to evacuate bedridden patients in case of emergencies. This has to be done very fast, very easy and with as few people as possible. One of the questions that Hans Jansen (Safety Expert) was dealing with was ‘How can we transport bedridden clients very fast and easy in case of emergencies?’. For this matter, Ariëns Zorgpalet decided to purchase 75 S-CAPEPOD’s that are ideal for this kind of situations.
Hans Jansen, AriënsZorgpalet
The Sint-Maartenskliniek decided to equip al their 265 beds with an S-CAPEPOD. There are comparable products on the market, but the S-CAPEPOD fulfilled all the requirements. We also find it important that the S-CAPEPOD is always positioned underneath the mattress and that everyone knows that it is there. Comfort for patients was also of major importance, especially because we are dealing with patients with posture and movement problems, we need to transport our patients in a stable way. Last but not least, you can also transport someone downstairs with the S-CAPEPOD® in case that is needed.
Bolhuis, Hoofd Receptie & Beveiliging, Sint Maartensziekenhuis
Most important is that you are brought to a safety zone and that you are positioned there for a while, afterwards other people can start the next procedures. The first person that arrives at the emergency can do the most important actions to get you away from a fire or somethings similar and this is a fine way to do this, EVEN if you take the stairs.
Jos Blik, Obesitas Vereniging
S-CAPEPOD evacuation system is the fastest, most effective and safest I have seen
Daniel Fortin, Beauceville's Fire Director (Quebec, Canada)
Piet Hezemans gave a demo on 2 Philips locations. The first was a group of prevention managers at the head office of Philips Lighting at the High Tech Campus. It was nice to see how a group of (higher) safety experts were surprised by the ease and speed of the S-CAPE PLUS to evacuate victims and / or immobile individuals. The 2nd demo was in the office of the Philips building in Boschdijk in Eindhoven where the BHV, after seeing the demo could try them self how the evacuation mattress worked in practice. they were excited and practiced both as a victim on the mattress and as BHV for the evacuation of the victim. Both demos, users were very positive about the ease of use for the evacuation procedures and comfort for the victim on the mattress. Meanwhile the 1st mattresses have already been ordered for a Philips plant.
Jan Bekkers, Safety & Security Manager, Philips Benelux
Previously, we had the evacuation chair, but we experienced too many flaws as burdensome. S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress makes clear easily and quickly and as badly perceived by anyone. After simple instruction, our employees can practice independently. They also practice lying. The evacuee feels safe and is protected. Once brought to safety this lightweight evacuation mattress goes back up the stairs to evacuate the next client. After using the S-CAPE PLUS mattress many times, it is still as good as new! Hard-wearing and durable material. We value this.
Lilian Kelly, safety specialist, Land van Horne
Preventief worked with the evacuation mattress for several months along with complete satisfaction. It is a quick and easy product and add value to the ER organization and our product range.
Wendy Kluft, owner, Preventief Safety Center
We use the evacuation blankets in all places where we can not leave the bedroom with the bed and we train with the blankets during evacuation drills. We also have some evacuation mattresses. We are content in the use of them.
Theo Besselink, Security manager, Elver
While practicing for different evacuation situations with the S-CAPEPLUS in several institutions, JOSSAFETY decided to take the product in its assortment. The S-CAPEPLUS biggest advantage is that victims stay low to the ground. They don’t have to look deep down below (this is the case with an evacuation chair) and this prevents panic and fear. It is also possible to evacuate unconscious people very fast and flexible. This is a big advantage compared to the Rautek emergency grip in case of going down the stairs.
Jos Kooijman, JOSSAFETY-SHOP | Almere
An evacuation aid has to be fast, simple and safe in every situation. Everyone should be able to work with an evacuation aid. The S-CAPEPLUS is fast and ready for us in a few simple steps. The biggest advantage is its flexibility while using the product. The S-CAPEPLUS can bring someone to safety in a very comfortable way. Transportation over large distances is possible, because the S-CAPEPLUS is extremely manageable. An ideal evacuation aid!
Rob Koster, Prymos Koster | Rotterdam
Gemeente Heeze-Leende is the first municipality in The Netherlands that chooses the S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress to evacuate citizens in case of emergencies. We paid attention to user friendliness, but also the price of the evacuation mattress was a big advantage. Evacuation chairs are often used in case of emergencies, but these are actually scary and unhandy, especially when you have to go down the stairs. We find it important to treat our visitors in a safe and friendly manner, that is why we have chosen for the S-CAPEPLUS!
Ilka Adriaans, Gemeente Heeze-Leende
Most important is the product’s simplicity. Almost zero instruction is needed and almost everyone can use it, you can’t say this from an evacuation chair. The width straps provide good grip and control. The slippery material are helpful for quick evacuation. Fast, simple and safe!
Ralph van Daal, Preventia Optima | Sittard
The S-CAPEPLUS is the perfect alternative for the evacuation chair. It is a safe and easy evacuation aid, which is comfortable for the rescue worker and the victim. The S-CAPEPLUS has our full support, thanks to its user friendliness and the safety it provides.
Leon van Leeuwen, Fire Control BV | Den Haag
We have years of experience in the fire department and healthcare industry and therefore we know that fast and effective evacuation can be life saving! The amount of rescue workers is always a problem and the S-CAPEPLUS is the solution for this. Rescue workers can work more effectively!
Marc Siebers, Respons Medical | Boxmeer
It is very easy to use and way cheaper than other evacuation aids. It provides the possibility to bring mobility-impaired to safety very fast.
Cliënt, BHV Zuid-holland
De S-CAPEPLUS kan snel worden ingezet en zal naast een hoop leed ook veel geld uitsparen doordat de inzet van de brandweer achterwege gelaten kan worden.
Cliënt, Platform voor managers in de gezondheid- en ouderenzorg