Spain: 8 elderly residents killed in fire at care home

A care home fire results in a distaster for Spanish village. The fire believed to have started when a mattress caught fire. As a result, eight elderly residents died in a fire that ripped through a care home near Zaragoza in northeastern Spain at 1 AM on Sunday July 12th.

Most victims thought to have died of inhaling smoke. Inhaling smoke for a short time can cause detrimental effects. Twelve other people including a carer were injured in the blaze. Police have ruled out the negligence any worker at the care centre, all the people died were above age 60 and some of them died through suffocation, some staff member were also injured in the fire. Although the rescue people reached on time they couldn’t able to save few people but few were immediately rushed to hospital.

The most dangerous time is at night because many care facilities have fewer staff. We are facing these kind of tragedies too many times. The number of people killed by fire in care facilities is still way too high.

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