Révolution Santé and Tetcon partner to deliver evacuation systems for Canadian care facilities

S-CAPEPOD evacuation sheet - Révolution Santé

Révolution Santé (Canada) and Tetcon (The Netherlands) announced a partnership earlier this year to bring a new, fast and effective evacuation system to Canadian care facilities.

Révolution Santé joined the International Reseller Program in the beginning of 2015 and started distributing the S-CAPEPOD evacuation sledge and S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress throughout Canada.

Révolution Santé has taken a bold and effective measure to create a lot of unique S-CAPE content and to get in touch with the local fire services. Revolution Santé even recorded a new video in French and English where they evacuate a bedridden patient from a shoptalk room in a very fast and effective way using our range of evacuation equipment. In these videos, Canada’s Fire Services Director Daniel Fortin, even states that the S-CAPE system is the fastest, most-effective and easiest he has seen so far.

Emergency video in French:

The new Canadian partner is pleased to provide evacuation solutions to Canadian care facilities using both S-CAPEPOD and S-CAPEPLUS. The range of evacuation equipment offer a disciplined and systematic approach to successful evacuation of hospitals, senior living homes and other care facilities. By using the S-CAPE evacuation aids, Canadian facilities have an affordable solution to realise a swift evacuation. “Quick exit of patients is fundamental to fire control practices, which is why several Canadian already adopted the use of either or both the S-CAPEPOD / S-CAPEPLUS”, stated Laurentius Luca from Revolution Santé. “Our company is committed to providing great new products and services. Collaborating with Tetcon will enable faster and deeper delivery of these solutions for the benefit of patients and workers in the field.”

Bob Hezemans from Tetcon said: “We are very happy with Révolution Santé and their efforts on creating more safety in the Canadian healthcare facilities with our range of evacuation aids.

Révolution Santé also sponsors La Fondations des Pompiers du Québec pour les grand brûles (The Quebec Firefighters Foundation for burned people). For every S-CAPEPOD (evacuation sheet) that is sold, $5 is donated to this foundation.

Emergency video in English:

For more information about the S-CAPEPOD evacuation sheet and/or S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress in Canada, please contact Révolution Santé by mail (info@revolutionsante.ca) or call 1-514-866-0005. They are always eager to help you.

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