Proud! S-CAPEPOD evacuation sheet is recommended in report by IFV & Dutch Burns Foundation

Evacuatielaken S-CAPEPOD - Escape rescue - evacuatie sheet

Report emphasises link between aging and fire safety

People keep getting older. This group keeps on growing. And which requires more and more attention. In the coming years, it is likely that the attention will increase. Have you ever wondered about how old you will be in 2040? The director of the Dutch Burns Foundation (Rob Baardse) once wrote the following: “You and I are probably responsible for the increase of independent living seniors. Together, we are facing issues regarding fire safety.” The statistics confirm this: The Netherlands had around 17 million inhabitants in 2017. Almost 6.7 million Dutch citizens are older than 50 years.

In 2015 and 2016, the Fire Department Academy and the Dutch Fire Brigade Foundation have done research regarding the issues related to fire safety and aging. This has resulted in three sub-reports:

Sub-report 1: the extent of the problem
Sub-report 2: the risks and causes
Sub-report 3: solutions

The research shows that many fires occur in senior housing / care centres for seniors. These buildings are mainly or only occupied by seniors. They are often not able to escape independently. For this reason, a fourth study has been launched. This study looked at the situations involving an evacuation, wounded or deaths.

Sub-report 3 examines evacuation solutions

Sub-report 3 also mentions the S-CAPEPOD evacuation sheet. And we’re proud of that. The study declared the following about the evacuation device:

“To be able to take a bedridden resident, including mattress, to a safe environment, there is the S-CAPEPOD. This rescue mattress is kept permanently under the mattress and in case of an emergency, the evacuation aide can be wrapped around the mattress with the person. The person is wrapped in a cocoon, as it were. A safe evacuation is possible thanks to the thick mattress.”

This study was presented during ‘The International Safety and Education Seminar‘ in Papendal (The Netherlands). The event was attended by fire safety experts from more than ten different countries.

The three sub-reports and the fourth additional study are summarized in a publication: Fire safety and aging.

Do you want to read this report yourself? You can download it here.
You can find the section about the S-CAPEPOD on page 53.

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