This evacuation video with an alternating pressure mattress is worth watching

No matter where you are based or what you are doing now, when you are working with healthcare clients, it is very likely that you come across ‘anti-decubitus mattresses’. Also known as inflatable mattresses, active pressure relief mattresses or alternating pressure mattresses.

This kind of mattress is capable of providing the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers. All in all, it’s a great product. But we were getting more and more questions, like:

‘How do you rescue a person, laying on this kind of mattress, in a emergency situation?’ 

When you come across these mattresses on the Intensive Care units or for long-term care, you are now able to help these patients escape during an emergency. We recorded this on video.

Evacuation sledges S-CAPEPOD

How you can save someone? You will need to use S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet. This well-known evacuation device is permanently placed underneath the mattress. The patient doesn’t see, nor feels it. In a matter of seconds, you can prepare a patient for an evacuation.

And this is not just a slick marketing tagline. In fact, it’s true.

Here’s what the S-CAPEPOD has done for others:

“Evacuation system S-CAPEPOD is the fastest, safest and most effective I’ve seen so far” Daniel Fortin / Fire Fighter / Beauceville, Canada

“This evacuation sheet is super easy to use. After using it one time, you can immediately do it yourself. It’s fast and safe.” – Carlijn, Nurse, Severinus, The Netherlands

“The trainees from think that it’s a great tool. I’ve also tested it myself. It works fast and effective.” – Fire Safety Instructor,

And isn’t it great that you can use this life-saving device in combination with anti-decubitus mattresses…
How to do this??


How to use S-CAPEPOD with an alternating pressure mattress?

Many S-CAPEPOD users were asking us if we could make a video for this. And we did. In this video, you’ll learn how to use the S-CAPEPOD with a pressure relief mattress.

It’s up to you. This is what you can do now.

You have a choice to make: do nothing or take action. If you do nothing, it is very likely that you need to leave bedridden people on an alternating pressure mattress behind… Is that what you really want?

Take a new action. Get better and new results. Choose S-CAPEPOD. Help your team to solve their evacuation problems and win life-saving minutes.

Take action now and share this video with your team and clients. Help you colleagues to save lives when every second counts. You will get a system that doesn’t just do the job, it does it better.

Any questions about this article? Or about other evacuation equipment?

You can always give us a call or send an email. We’re here to help you.

PS. One of the favourite things we like to do is to give people knowledge to help them succeed. And that your customers succeed. That’s exactly what you’ll find in this free video.

Click here to watch the video.

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    Hi I am interred to know more about the evacuation S CAREPOD.

    Pls reach our to me via email

    Laura ho
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    • Joris van Tetcon 8 June 2020 at 06:59 - Reply

      Dear Laura – thank you for your interest. You’ll be contacted soon by one of our team members 🙂

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