New storage product for S-CAPEPLUS: The Wall Cover

Rode opberghoes voor uw S-CAPEPLUS evacuatiematras

In this article, Tetcon will cover the release of the Wall Cover for the S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress. It is a new product in the line of the S-CAPE evacuation aids. Previously when you ordered an S-CAPEPLUS, you would also get a standard carrying bag. The Wall Cover counts as a new storage option.

It will be ideal for storage as it can be mounted to a wall easily. It also helps to highlight the location of the evacuation mattress.

Customise your Wall Cover

At Tetcon, we like customisation and we understand that you want to be unique with your organisation. You have the possibility to customise the Wall Cover of the S-CAPEPLUS. The printable area can be fully customised to the wishes of your organisation. When it comes to the colours, we can offer the colour green and red.

Evacuation Mattress

Not familiar with the S-CAPEPLUS yet? This evacuation mattress has been designed for the quick and safe evacuation of immobile individuals in an emergency. The S-CAPEPLUS is used in schools, companies, public building and institutions. It can also be used in operating theatres. Thus, it is shown that the presence of the evacuation device is diverse. For more information, watch the demonstration video.

Specifications of the Wall Cover

Some people think that writing specs is not important. Joël Spolsky said that is seems that specs are like flossing: most people know they should be writing them, but nobody does. Hereby an overview of the Wall Cover specifications:

Material coating: PVC
Material fabric: Polyester
Material closure: Hook and loop fasteners
Weight: 630 gram
Size: 100x60x17 cm (Length x Width x Height)

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