Meet the office mascot: Tetcon Tiger

More companies are allowing pets into the office. We also thought it was time to adopt a policy to allow pets in Tetcon Headquarters. Today we introduce our very first office mascot. He goes by the name of Tetcon Tiger. Thanks for allowing him some sleeping time off to be interviewed.

How does a normal day look like for you at Tetcon Headquarters?

‘As a loyal Tetcon evangelist I usually stroll through the office. I also like to sit on the mat or to sit on a desk. During noon I tend be more active because I get food by that time.’

What do you think of working at Tetcon?

‘I notice that we’re all working as a team to serve our customers and distributors. It’s also cool to see what we all come up with when we do brainstorm sessions. I’m either sleeping then or I usually inspect the work (with my nose) instead, but I still find it amazing.

About the Author:

Ik hou van content. Part-time content pionier voor Tetcon en de S-CAPE evacuatie hulpmiddelen.

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