Video: school kids are applying rescue skills

Meet Guus and Tibbe from Arnhem. These ‘evacuation mattress heroes’ will show you how easy it is to evacuate a wounded person during an emergency.

You may not be realising this, but there are about 300 school fires in the Netherlands each year. This is true: 300! Vandalism is often the cause. In the US, there is an estimated average of 5100 fires in educational properties. If all or some children are at school when a fire starts, all students must evacuate and go outside as soon as possible.

With these numbers, evacuation safety becomes an important focus for schools. In multi-storey schools, it is also important to consider good evacuation facilities. During an evacuation the power could stop working. Students with reduced mobility can no longer use the lift and have to evacuate via the staircase. For this, they need assistance from an Emergency Response Officer or fellow students. Exactly for this reason, we teach children how to deal with the S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress. How great is it that even very young children can learn to use this evacuation device. That might be the power of the tool, the incredible ease of use. Due to this ease of use, almost anyone can save a live during an emergency evacuation.

Evacuation mattress for schools - Evacuatiematras voor scholen


Another incident at schools is that the emergency lighting does not work because the batteries are empty. That can be dangerous because students no longer know which escape route they should take. And of course you do not want someone to get lost in such a situation. For a safe evacuation,  you need good escape routes. And for good escape routes you need good emergency lighting.

More and more schools are committed to the safe evacuation of less-mobile students. Some schools choose an evacuation chair, but more and more chose an evacuation sledge as alternative. Among these educational institutions, the S-CAPEPLUS has been set up:

Scholen met evacuatiematras

This film and photos are recorded at De Wijzer Primary School in Arnhem. Through this way, we would like to thank Guus and Thibbe for their great acting skills. Rutger Brothers of RIFF Productions recorded the video.

You probably wouldn’t believe this

To show you how easy it is to work with this evacuation device, we asked Guus to evacuate an adult through a flight of stairs. He was not scared, so he started straight away and we recorded this on video. Check out below.

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