How to place an evacuation mattress inside the Wall Cover?

“How do you place the S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress inside the Wall Cover?”

It’s funny. Many customers were calling us with this question. We try to explain the installation process through the phone, but this was not so easy after all. Explaining via the phone is not so convenient. So we thought ‘how can we make this process super easy for existing and future customers?’ Eventually, a video was found to be the best option.

Wall Covers are commonly found inside buildings. It is used to protect against dust and dirt. Also, it is used to highlight the location of the evacuation mattress. The large identification symbol on the Wall Cover identifies the device to users.

Which organisations are using this escape evacuation mattress?

The S-CAPEPLUS is used by many different organisations. You can find the evacuation aid inside companies, care facilities, theatres, cinemas and museums. The list is almost indefinite. Why?

Many organisations are dealing with visitors or employees that suffer from reduced mobility. During an emergency evacuation, lifts are out of use. To get these vulnerable people outside the building, some sort of evacuation aid is essential. Especially when you need to take a few flight of stairs.  An evacuation mattress is an alternative for the famous evacuation chair.

Evacuatie-expert worden met escape evacuatie matras

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